1.5 million data boxes have already been created in the Czech Republic and a billion data messages have been sent

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According to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, the number of created data boxes jumped to 1.5 million during March. They conquered the million border of mailboxes already in August 2019. The number of data messages then exceeded 980 million, a billion should fall at the current rate during April.

That 1.5 million is the total number of registrations, but over 200,000 mailboxes are already inactive for various reasons. Of the active ones, 600,000 are legal entities, 400,000 are natural persons (they have it voluntarily), 300,000 are natural persons engaged in business and 20,000 are public authorities. These are rounded numbers, the exact ones can be found in the table below.

According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, out of 1.3 million active mailboxes, less than 19,000 pay for a data vault so that their messages do not disappear after 90 days. The basic capacity for 20 messages costs CZK 120 with VAT per year, the highest variant for 5,000 messages is CZK 29,500. The reports can also be archived free of charge on the Citizen’s Portal, not according to the quantity, but up to a total capacity of 500 MB.

This year brought several legislative innovations to the data sheets. As of January 1, the so-called fiction delivery applies to all sent messages (not only those from public authorities). The document is therefore considered delivered on the tenth day from delivery to the mailbox, not from registration or actual reading.

At the same time, the Ministry automatically set up the receipt of postal data messages (PDZ, registered letter alternative) for all mailboxes. Only individuals can change this setting and turn off reception.

Number of data boxes
Type Active mailboxes
Legal entities 596 025
Entrepreneurial natural persons 287 518
Individuals 392 449
Public authorities 18 157
Total as of March 28, 2022 1 294 149

You can expect a rocketing increase in the number of mailboxes next year. The MVČR will automatically start establishing them for all those who sign up for one of the eGovernment services. For example, when visiting the Citizen’s Portal with the help of a bank identity.

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