1520 Signal has equipped a section of the Big Ring of the Moscow Railway with a digital control system

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1520 Signal (part of GK 1520) has put into operation a digital automatic blocking system on the Zheltikovo – Kostino section of the Big Ring of the Moscow Railway (BC MZhD). This allowed trains to run on the new second main track. The work is part of a comprehensive reconstruction of the northern part of the MZD BC.

Now, on the stretch Zheltikovo – Kostino, 8.7 km long, modern automation regulates the movement of trains and monitors the intervals. Digitalization of stations and spans greatly increases the efficiency and safety of the infrastructure.

The company plans to install modern automation on the Kostino-Ivantsevo stretch, where an additional track is also being built. Previously, digital systems manufactured by 1520 Signal were introduced on the 14.5 km stretch between Naugolny and Zheltikovo.

The big ring of the Moscow railway, about 600 km long, connects all eleven railway lines radiating from Moscow. The reconstruction of the MZD BK will increase its capacity for trains from the eastern and northern regions towards the west, as well as the ports of the north-west of Russia.

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