800 new traffic cameras appeared in Bashkortostan

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Complexes for photo and video recording of traffic violations “Lobachevsky” were installed by specialists from the NPO “Intelligent Technical Systems” in the Ufa and Sterlitamak urban agglomerations. The work was carried out as part of the national project “Safe High-Quality Roads”. Thanks to this, the total number of stationary cameras on the roads of the region reached 1815 units. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the NGO “Intelligent Technical Systems”.

The Transport Directorate of the Republic of Bashkortostan acted as a customer for the creation of additional control lines in the region. In 2021, a corresponding contract was signed with NPO ITS on the terms of a service model, which provides for the maintenance of the complexes by the contractor for the duration of the contractual relationship.

Cameras for photo and video recording are installed in the most dangerous and emergency areas, as well as with increased traffic intensity. Lobachevsky is a domestic development based on a modern measuring module and software with wide functionality. The complex can determine the speed in several ways at once: by video frames and by the radar method.

In Bashkortostan, new cameras will record several types of traffic violations. In addition to speeding, it is also the failure to provide an advantage in traffic to pedestrians, passing a prohibiting traffic light and violating road markings.

“The new complexes have really powerful software. Its capabilities are not limited to just fixing violations. Lobachevsky can still analyze traffic in detail and work in conjunction with smart traffic lights. And this is important from the point of view of the development of an intelligent transport system in the region. In addition, these devices provide a high level of data protection from unauthorized access,” said the Director General of NPO “Intelligent Technical Systems” Vyacheslav Smirnov.

“The installation of complexes is necessary, first of all, to comply with traffic rules and speed limits. As practice shows, this is one of the few effective measures to improve driving culture. We have already said more than once that the indicators of the number of injured as a result of road accidents and deaths are systematically moving down, and for us this is the best praise,” said the head of the State Public Institution of the Transport Directorate of the Republic of Bashkortostan Mansaf Nizakayev.

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For several months, specialists set up and tested the installed photo-video fixation systems. Now all 800 cameras are working and, when violations are detected, they transmit data in real time to the Center for Automated Recording of Administrative Violations in the Field of Traffic of the Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Bashkortostan.


NPO ITS is a Russian developer and integrator of intelligent transport systems, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. The company is engaged in the automation of transport processes of traffic management. Key technologies: microservice architecture, the use of neural networks, support for adaptive traffic control algorithms based on various traffic flow parameters. NPO ITS digital products are included in the register of Russian software and are effectively used in intelligent transport systems in six urban agglomerations.

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