A film dedicated to the 85th birthday of Prague Airport. It was supposed to replace the sea, survive historical trials and look out over Aiport City

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85 years ago, the first Czechoslovak international airport opened in Prague-Ruzyně. The first plane arrived from Piešťany, the first international flight was from Vienna, thousands more followed, and everything looked rosy. From today’s point of view, it will look funny, but during the First Republic, one of the public topics was that we do not have the sea. The airport was to partially replace it, bring it closer.

Hearts who loved aviation always worked here. Employees lived in nearby apartment buildings, their children played among the hangars, or the pilots took them on planes. But then came the hard years. The airport played an important role during the war. In 1968, a new terminal (now Terminal 1) with a capacity of over two million passengers was opened to pass an unexpected stress test during the Russian occupation just a few months later. During the communist era, Ruzyně was one of the few gates to freedom. Some were leaving legally, but there were also hijackings of planes that were heading west under pressure.

Despite all the pitfalls of the airport’s history, it grew. Most after 1989. The number of passengers increased rapidly, Czechs began to discover the world. In 2005, it opened Terminal 2 and the airport enjoyed years of prosperity. It was not until 2020 that the covid came and the aviation business was one of the most affected – the number of passengers fell from 18 million to 3.6 year on year … In the near future, direct train connections, metro and the so-called Aiport City are planned.

Take a look at the beautiful documentary that the people from the airport put together. It is full of historical shots, witnesses, strong stories and a brief insight into the future.

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