A robot consultant appeared at the Perm airport

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A mechanized employee from the Promobot company began working at the Perm Bolshoe Savino Airport. Robot model Promobot V.4. will communicate with people and answer their questions, facilitating the work of airport employees. The robot is autonomous – it moves freely in the room and does not need human control. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Promobot.

Promobot V.4 can perform the following tasks: integration with flight schedules, printing checks and coupons, advising visitors in different languages. The functionality of the robot also includes the ability to interact with airport visitors: songs, dances and other activities.

“We are confident that the robot will be an effective assistant for airport employees, especially in the summer when Perm residents go on vacation. Visitors will not have to wait long for a feedback from employees, our robot will speed up this process and, in addition, will increase the general mood in the hall. The information in the robot database is regularly updated – this allows the mechanized employee to give the correct information about the arrival time of the aircraft,” said Promobot Development Director Oleg Kivokurtsev.

Perm airport traffic is about 1.5 million people a year.

The robot becomes a reliable employee for the organization: it is never late, is not distracted, does not go on vacation and does not get sick. This helps him to work four times more efficiently than an ordinary employee. The new employee is constantly in the spotlight: people are interested in interacting with the robot, both adults and children.

Specially for the robot-adviser of the Bolshoe Savino airport, the Promobot company has developed a linguistic database about the Perm region. The database includes interesting facts about tourist routes, industrial sites and famous people of the Perm Territory. Also, a scoreboard with the current airport schedule and answers to frequently asked questions was added to the development.

Hybrid integration platform can reduce time-to-market and development costs


The Russian robot consultant is already working at Istanbul’s Turkish Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which has a traffic of about 30 million people a year. Since 2021, a robot-baker began to work at the Simferopol airport.


Promobot was founded in 2015 in Perm. Since the same year he has been a resident of Skolkovo. Promobot robots work in 43 countries around the world as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges, replacing or supplementing “live” employees. Promobot robots can be found in Sberbank, the Museum of Modern History of Russia, the MFC, Baltimore-Washington Airport, Dubai Mall. All the company’s products are manufactured and developed in Russia.

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