A Russian military drone takes pictures with a cheap SLR camera, refuels in a PET bottle and starts with rubber

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Although usually only Turkish attack drones bayraktar appear on television screens, a whole host of drones, from simple gliders to sophisticated and heavily armed cats, compete in various roles on the Ukrainian-Russian front in various roles.

The spine forms small and cheap reconnaissance droneswhich the armies of many countries have begun to introduce in recent decades. Sometimes we laugh at them because they are more reminiscent of the work of the afternoon modelers’ circle. However, similar pieces are also used in Western armies, including the Czech Republic.

Grandma with a PET bottle and a SLR camera after Grandma

In the gallery of weapons in Ukraine, we already mentioned in March two such typical grates of heaven: Little Ukrainian Leleku-100 and its more powerful Russian counterpart Orlan-10.

And it was Orlan-10 that has attracted the community on Reddit in recent days, thanks to a pile of seized pieces, there is several disassembly available from the Ukrainian army. This is not the best business card for Russia, the soldier amusedly shows that has a fuel tank cap from a PET bottle and instead of a sophisticated gimbal with a pile of thermal cameras and other electronics, it’s under cover pinned SLR camera. Look at:

The video attached above can be taken as part of Ukrainian propaganda, which lifts the mood of its population, among other things, by ridiculing the Russian side. Is there anyone who has not seen some of the videos of Ukrainian farmers towing Russian tanks? Similarly, the orlan-styled Orlan is supposed to help give the impression that the Russians are struggling with a technique comparable to a ladder. Unfortunately, the reality is different…

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Older Orlan-10 with a noticeable PET cap at the top

16 hours in the air

The fifteen-kilogram Orlan is a classic reconnaissance drone with 0.75kW piston engine, thanks to which it can monitor the battlefield up to 16 hours at maximum speed 150 km / h on the flight surface 1,000 to 1,500 meters. The manufacturer boasts a composite casing, which is to ensure the least possible radar reflection.

The plane is not armed with ammunition, but only reconnaissance electronics weighing up to 6 kg. If it’s not a grandmother after her grandmother, Orlan is said to be able to carry it as well electronic warfare equipment (eavesdropping, jammers, etc.) and can also function as telecommunication extender. It will simply turn into a flying antenna that will transmit messages between other eagles above the battlefield and the remote base.

All you need is a rubber and a slingshot

The way of starting from a small ramp is also interesting, from which the eagle is literally fired at the rubber. However, for light unmanned monoplanes, this is a relatively widespread and very effective method. The aircraft can easily take off, for example, from the body of the car and without the need for a paved area.

Voloďo, pull the rubber and turn the lever:

After all, even smaller military reconnaissance drones, which we also use in our region, are often launched like paper swallows swing straight from hand. American Switchblade flying grenades, which have been destroying the Russian army in Ukraine for some time, also take off from small ramps in a backpack.

One eagle flew all the way to Romania

Orlan-10 survived more than thousands of pieces produced and has served in virtually all the conflicts in which Russia has been directly or indirectly involved in the last ten years. Its premiere was probably the first battle of the Donbas in 2014, then he flew in Syria, and during the current conflict he also visited NATO.

On the fateful March 13, they found one piece in Romania. By the way, because Orlan really resembles an amateur model, the finder initially thought that only someone was going to fly into the field outside the city.

Unfortunately, Russia also has combat drones

In Ukraine, war is on the side of Russia, but also much more powerful machines, which can withstand comparisons, for example, with mediated bayraktars. This is especially true of armed drones of the Orion series.

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The first generation of the Orion unmanned bomber with guided KAB-20 bombs

The first orions took off in 2016, but they have only officially served in the army since 2020. The plane will stay in the sky until 24 hourshas availability up to 8 000 meters and reaches maximum speed 200 km / h. Most importantly, however, it can carry up 200 kg payload. Namely four guided bombs KAB-20 and missiles.

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The second and export generation of Orion with a weapons exhibition

The Orions are also fighting on the Ukrainian front

Russia first used the Orions in Syria, where they tested their practical combat capabilities, and in the last month they also involved them in the Battle of Ukraine, where they unfortunately successfully destroyed T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and trucks.

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Orion attack on the Ukrainian position

The current conflict and embargo on the part of the West will perhaps slow down or completely stop the development of the even more capable unmanned fighter Sirius, who was to take off for the first time next year.

Macek s wingspan and a pair of engines should have availability up to 12,000 metersincreased speed to 295 km / h and load capacity 450 kg for payload – even more powerful weapons. It should stay in the air a respectable 40 hours.

These Russian planes will hopefully remain only on paper

Drones belong to the future and the current war shows this in full force. In addition to the mentioned pieces, only Russia also has a naval and reconnaissance UAV Luch Korsar, which is the answer to the American RQ-7 Shadow.

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Luch Korsar naval and reconnaissance aircraft during the Moscow parade

Modern Sokol Altius aircraft are also under development, which in turn is the answer to the famous American UAV MQ-9 Reaper, or the futuristic Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B with a jet engine, with a range of 6,000 km and at a speed of around 1000 km / h.

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Russia has several airworthy prototypes of the Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B

We can only hope that their real abilities will dazzle only readers on Wikipedia and prototypes of military parades, but on the real battlefield they will end up as a poor Orlan with PET bottles and a home camera under the hood, or as a Russian laptop:

Or they won’t get on the battlefield at all due to the embargo on the part of Western countries, because every similar machine is full of processors and other integrated circuits, which Russia simply will not make itself.

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