A third of Russian companies have decided to transfer their business processes completely to domestic IT products

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A third of Russian companies (33%) have already started or are planning to transfer their business processes to domestic IT solutions in the near future. According to entrepreneurs, it is not safe to use foreign software: some products cannot be paid for, while the cost of others has recently increased. These are the results of a study conducted by the NAFI Analytical Center together with Cyberprotect.

Use of foreign and domestic software in business

A quarter of Russian business (25%) uses only domestic IT products. At the same time, for the majority of companies (69%), the issues of software import substitution may be relevant, since they either combine work with Russian and foreign software (61%), or use only imported IT products (8%). This was reported to CNews by NAFI representatives.

Business plans for software import substitution

A third of enterprises (33%) plan to transfer their business entirely to Russian software.

Every tenth (11%) has already launched the relevant processes. To a greater extent, this applies to organizations in Moscow (31%), logistics and warehouse enterprises (20%), and medium-sized businesses (21%).

Every fifth respondent (22%) notes that active measures for import substitution in the company have not yet begun, but are planned.

14% of small and medium-sized businesses do not plan a full transition to Russian IT solutions. Among them, enterprises operating in the field of IT, information and communications (38%) and operating on the market from 5 to 10 years (20%) prevail.

19% of companies have not yet thought about full import substitution of software products.

Leysan Baimuratova, Director of Digital Economy Research at the NAFI Analytical Center: “The data obtained shows that small and medium-sized businesses are still in standby mode. However, the question of the software used in the company will most likely soon become very acute, since the reliability and uninterrupted operation of IT products are of great importance – in the era of digitalization, almost all processes in companies are built on IT solutions.

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Elena Bocherova, Executive Director of Cyberprotect: “It is interesting that a quarter of small and medium-sized businesses already use only domestic software, although government measures to stimulate import substitution, which have been operating in Russia since 2015, were mainly aimed at government institutions and large businesses with state-owned participation. Such a result may indicate that there are already full-fledged alternatives to foreign software for the SMB segment, but companies take a traditionally cautious position in a state of uncertainty. However, every day the risks of using software dependent on external factors are growing. As a developer, we see a multiple increase in interest in domestic solutions. The situation can also be changed by additional measures that the state is developing to support the implementation and use of domestic software, many of which have already begun to operate and bring results.”


The All-Russian representative survey of entrepreneurs was conducted by the NAFI Analytical Center in May 2022. 500 representatives of micro, small and medium-sized businesses from all major sectors of the economy in all federal districts of Russia were surveyed. The respondents were business owners, top officials of companies and individual entrepreneurs.


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