A tiny update breaks Windows 10 in a big way. The system prevents you from switching to the Russian layout

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The optional patch KB5015878 prevents language switching in Windows 10. The function of changing the layout, for example, from English to Russian, stops working. Microsoft did not make users wait for weeks and has already released a patch that fixes the problem.

Microsoft broke everything

Microsoft has released update KB5015878 for Windows 10, which brings several small changes to the system and improves a number of existing features. As the Windows Latest profile portal writes, installing it makes it impossible to change the keyboard language, for example, from English to Russian and vice versa.

Patch KB5015878 was released at the end of July 2022. It does not contain any critical changes and therefore will not be installed automatically, which allows the vast majority of users to avoid the problems lurking in it. Those who find KB5015878 in the “Optional Updates” section and install it manually will lose the correctly working notification area in Windows 10, displayed on the taskbar. In some cases, because of this, language switching using the icons in the lower right corner stops working. It is not yet known whether changing the layout using hotkeys or third-party programs, such as the Russian Punto Switcher, breaks down.

Nothing to fear

After the release of Windows 11 in October 2021, the seven-year-old Windows 10 is no longer the operating system that Microsoft focuses all its attention on. However, the corporation responded promptly to the problem with the KB5015878 update. She announced the incorrect operation of the OS after this patch almost immediately after the first user complaints were received, updating the section dedicated to this update on the technical support site. She also reported problems with KB5015878 in the description of the mandatory update KB5015807, but according to Windows Insider, it has not yet received wide distribution.

You can protect yourself from dangerous WIndows updates only by completely disabling automatic updates.

Also, Microsoft has already prepared a patch that brings back to life all the components of Windows 10, broken by the forces of update KB5015878. It will be integrated into the OS automatically. According to Microsoft, KB5015878 only breaks layout switching on devices that have more than one language pack installed, which makes sense.

What is a patch for?

KB5015878 is for Windows 10 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2 and contains a total of 16 improvements. One of them concerns the Focus Assist feature, which allows you to temporarily turn off everything that prevents you from focusing on work or school, including notifications. The same option is implemented in iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Previously, the Focus Assist feature turned off all notifications. Installing patch KB5015878 teaches it to make exceptions for important alerts from installed programs.

The update also includes “restore functionality” for Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios. In addition, it also fixes several issues in video games, such as crashes when playing videos in toys that use DirectX 12. At the same time, after installing KB5015878, audio will no longer disappear in games that use the XAudio API.

It’ll all be over soon

At the end of July 2022, seven years have passed since the release of the first stable build of Windows 10. During all this time, Microsoft has regularly released patches that break various system components, including those that are of paramount importance to many users.

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Data protection

For example, in June 2022, an update was released that made it impossible to use access points on computers running Windows 10. And three years earlier, a bug was discovered in Windows 10 version 1809, leading to a multiple slowdown in the process of shutting down the operating system as a result of connecting / disconnecting the charger or other USB Type-C device.

The KB4535996 patch for Windows 10 March 2020 was disrupting internet connectivity. But most often Microsoft broke the print function in its OS – over the past seven years this has happened several times.

However, relatively soon the flow of dangerous updates for Windows 10 will dry up. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft programmers will suddenly start doing their jobs better. As CNews reported, in October 2025, extended support for Windows 10 ends, after which Microsoft will stop releasing free updates for ordinary users and will sell updates to companies experiencing various difficulties with the transition to Windows 11.

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