A unified platform for storing archival electronic documents online will appear in Russia

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Russia announced that by the end of 2022, the development of the state information system “Platform “Center for Electronic Documents Storage”” (TsKhED Platform) will be completed in Russia. With the commissioning of the system, documents created in electronic form will be transferred to permanent archival storage online, without the obligatory printing on paper. The TSHED platform is operated by the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

Today, all federal departments must send documents to the State Archives of Russia in hard copy. We are talking even about electronic documents signed with an electronic signature. This leads to excessive paper consumption and creates a burden on departments.

The TsKhED platform will cancel the mandatory printing of electronic documents sent to the State Archives.

“Archival documents contain significant information for the state and society, which is subject to storage. The new platform will make it possible to transfer electronic archival documents for storage and keep records of these documents without resorting to the creation of paper versions. Such a measure will not only help save money on printing, but also optimize office processes and reduce the labor costs of archive workers. We, together with the Federal Archives, are trying to simplify the task of departments in switching to electronic storage as much as possible. For example, for departments where there is no archive module in their document management system, we develop a cloud application. There it will be possible to temporarily store and subsequently send documents to TsKhED,” said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia Andrey Chernenko.

The platform “TSKhED” is created for: acquisition; accounting; storage; use of electronic archival documents.

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“TSKhED” will ensure the safety, integrity and suitability of documents for use throughout the entire period of storage while maintaining legal significance.

As part of the trial operation, 14 departments have already joined the platform, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education, Rosstandart, Rostourism, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and others. By the end of the year, the number of connected authorities will increase to 20.

The customer of the system is the Federal Archival Agency, the development and development of the TsKhED platform is carried out by the research institute Voskhod, subordinated to the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia. “GIS” Platform “TSKhED”” will be connected to the system of interdepartmental electronic document management. Thanks to this, departments will be able to send electronic archival documents to the State Archive of the Russian Federation for storage, as well as receive confirmation of the placement of documents in it. Documents sent for storage will have an enhanced qualified electronic signature. Automating the search for documents in the system will allow, if necessary, to quickly find the desired document,” said the director of the Voskhod Research Institute. Maxim Rymar.

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