A unique Czech idea. Last Miles are inflatable inline skates that can fit in a women’s handbag

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Folding inline skates that can be attached to any shoe and fit into a smaller backpack or larger women’s handbag. The rail with wheels has standard dimensions, but the main trick of Last Miles skates is the inflatable shoe – inflated does not take up almost any space, but under pressure it provides sufficient ankle support when riding. “A similar solution is used by rescuers who use inflatable splints to fix injured limbs during transport.” explains one of the founders, Filip Obritzhauser.

Another key feature is that there is no need to change shoes. Last Miles are put on the shoe, the shoe climbs to the platform with wheels and then all you have to do is inflate the shoe – with a button, using the integrated compressor. They look strange, but the driving experience is said to be comparable to a sturdy shoe.

Three entrepreneurs from Brno came up with the original idea in the middle of a pandemic, looking for a way to actively and safely travel around the city. “Bikes, scooters, various unicycles and longboards are difficult to combine with public transport or walking, they are big and heavy. I personally adore inline skates, but even those are not entirely practical due to the change of shoes”Says Tibor Kučera, one of the founders of Last Miles, to the motivation that led him, his girlfriend and friend to the idea.

The idea was also attracted by representatives of the city of Brno, who supported it with a grant in the Prototype and Verify program. The trio of creators were thus able to embark on further development. After months of development and testing, fully functional prototypes are ready and Last Miles comes to the crowdfunding portal HitHit. The campaign is to help launch mass production.

Take a look at the unique skates in action:

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