A101 Group of Companies has developed a unified digital standard for residential complexes

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A101 Group of Companies and a Skolkovo resident, Unicorn IT Company, have developed and started implementing a standard for a unified digital environment for the developer’s residential areas. It takes into account the entire range of digital services, including for housing of different classes, and the requirements for their implementation.

The standard covers two main areas of digitalization of the urban environment – “smart home” and “smart apartment”. The corresponding set of functions will appear in all new residential buildings of the A101 Group of Companies, which are currently at the design stage. In addition, now the profile specialists of the group are studying the possibilities of integrating “smart” functionality into already occupied buildings and those whose construction began before the advent of the standard.

Head of Product Development, A101 Group of Companies Pavel Bryzgalov said: “Technologies that are being implemented as part of a single digital standard will increase the comfort and safety of residents, reduce housing and communal services costs, and also help utilities and the management company automate the management of building engineering systems. When developing the standard, the emphasis was on the maximum localization of both equipment and IT solutions. So, all software solutions that will be used in the areas of the A101 Group of Companies are completely Russian development.”

The software complex based on the integrated platforms Ujin and Domiland collects and processes data on events of general house systems and apartment automation systems, as well as broadcasting the received data and generating notifications to users. “Smart” houses and apartments will be integrated into a single resource and security accounting system.

This, in particular, allows you to organize entrance to the entrance without keys, using the BLE protocol, the ability to open the door by calling the application, order a pass to the underground parking, view video surveillance cameras, manage a smart apartment. Equipment in apartments allows you to remotely control the level of illumination in each room, supply or remove power to each outlet, control the operation of plumbing equipment and, if necessary, shut off hot and cold water supply in the apartment, instantly receive a signal about the entry of strangers into the house, etc.

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A pilot project of a “smart home” and “smart apartment” is currently being implemented in the buildings of house No. 7 in the southern part of the Skandinavia Residential Complex (Moscow).

CEO of Unicorn Svetlana Perminova said: “Promising digital services will help the developer stand out in the market and become a significant competitive advantage. It is important to note that not all services will eventually be included in the basic standard, but only those that the developer and developer deem really necessary to ensure the comfort and safety of residents. The rest will be optional.”

Users will be able to manage the elements of the digital environment through the mobile application of the A101 Group of Companies, launched in 2021, which provides access to the entire ecosystem of a residential area. A key feature of the application is a transformable set of functions. The “customer path” begins from the moment the equity participation agreement is concluded, however, the functionality of the “smart home” and “smart apartment” becomes available after moving to a new apartment. A separate set of services is provided for small businesses in the regions and owners of commercial premises. In particular, they can order services from a management company, monitor rent and utility payments, tell residents about promotions, and also offer delivery services.

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