ADS-soft and API Kontur.Fokusa developed a solution for checking counterparties and complying with AML / CFT requirements

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In the specialized system for fulfilling AML / CFT requirements “ADS: Comprehensive due diligence of counterparties”, it is now possible to automatically identify clients and determine their risk level within the framework of Law 115-FZ.

The solution is suitable for comprehensive compliance with AML / CFT requirements. It allows you to segment customers by risk levels: customer type, transaction, and country risk. A flexible matrix of risk segmentation settings allows you to adapt the risk level assessment individually to the internal control rules of a financial institution. The system stores client questionnaires for each check, downloads lists of Rosfinmonitoring.

ADS: Comprehensive verification of counterparties is built on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform. It integrates a wide pool of “Contour.Focus API” methods. The system downloads data via “API Kontur.Fokusa” from 32 official sources: Unified State Register of Legal Entities / EGRIP, Federal Tax Service, FSSP, Prosecutor General’s Office and others. The methods used can be configured in the parametric constructor.

Thanks to the “Kontur.Focus API” in the “ADS: Comprehensive check of counterparties” system, customer files can now be enriched with up-to-date data.

Elena Kataeva, Project Manager of API Kontur.Fokusa, said: “The joint solution of ADS: Comprehensive verification of counterparties and API Kontur.Fokus allows you to determine the level of risk of customers and evaluate them outside of compliance procedures to improve business efficiency and the needs of the security service. The functions of the system are updated under changing legislation and are always up to date. These opportunities increase the transparency of transactions and help minimize financial and compliance risks.”

Hybrid integration platform can reduce time-to-market and development costs


Anton Komrakov, Head of Corporate Clients Department of ADS-soft, noted: “Deep integration of API Kontur.Focus into our solution ADS: Comprehensive verification of counterparties allows us to provide a comprehensive verification of clients – legal entities, as well as collect not the most obvious metrics that our clients take into account when making an informed decision about the level of risk of a particular client. In fact, the integration allows us to adapt the risk segmentation setting to almost any individual version of the internal control rules adopted by the company.

To activate the new module for checking counterparties, you need to implement “ADS: Comprehensive verification of counterparties” and buy a license “API Contour.Focus”. After that, the module will automatically connect to the information system used.

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