After two years, the new Fastone Image Viewer was released. Features were added, a conservative appearance remained

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The popular Fastone Image Viewer was released in version 7.6, the first update in two years. The list of news is modest, but still the longest since 2013.

The creators have deployed a new database for storing image information, which should be much faster and more reliable. Program startup, network folder access, or folder tree generation have also been speeded up. It is now possible to rate images using asterisks and also sort galleries according to them. It is now possible to select the shooting date or label for sorting. Labels and ratings are stored in the database even when files are moved.

Fastone originated in the Windows XP era and can still be seen on it. However, a conservative appearance is an advantage rather than a burden for some users. The creators then slightly modified the last dark and gray motif to make the elements more contrasting.

A few little things have been added. The status bar shows the size of the selected files, you can set a keyboard shortcut to add a geolocation from Google Maps, and Fastone understands two monitors better. Of course, there is a lot of support for image formats, lots of tools for quick image editing and a bunch of different filters.

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Fastone Image Viewer 7.6 is available for Windows XP and newer, it can be downloaded as an installation file and a ZIP with a portable version, which can be uploaded to a flash drive. The program can be used for home purposes for free, commercial licenses cost $ 35.

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