AIDA64 adelanta un nuevo Intel Alder Lake-X

AIDA64 previews a new high-performance Intel Alder Lake-X for PC

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Although Intel seems to have been trying to keep quiet around what could be one of its most ambitious upcoming releases, it appears that the latest patch notes for the new beta version of AIDA64 (6.60.5944) show support preview for a mysterious new Intel CPU platform under the code name Alder Lake-X.

Some chips that, in the absence of official confirmation or further progress, could point to being the next models of Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs aimed at high-end desktops (better known by its acronym in English HEDT), being able to mark the return of the great multinational of the chip to this market. And it is that beyond being a possible code name to hide another specific family, during the last years we have seen Intel use the letter X to symbolize its HEDT platform, including the chipset and the CPUs related to the platform, so that everything indicates that this Alder Lake-X will continue with the norm.

Thus, it is worth noting the “long” time that we have not seen an update from Intel within this high-end segment, having spent no less than 3 years since we saw their last HEDT processor, with the debut of the 14nm Cascade Lake-X and a maximum of 18 cores. The company currently produces both Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids on the Intel 7 node, formerly known as the 10nm enhanced SuperFin process, leveraging Intel’s Golden Cove cores.

Intel and AMD processors

One theory is that Alder Lake-X could be the enthusiast-friendly version of Intel’s Sapphire Rapids platform. with an unlocked multiplier for overclocking and other features. In any case, Alder Lake-X will have to deal with the latest additions from AMD, such as the Ryzen 5000 Threadripper Pro, which covers up to 64 Zen 3 cores.

In the absence of news from Intel, we are expected to know more details about Alder Lake-X in the near futurealthough as we said, everything indicates that Intel’s return to the HEDT market is inevitable.

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