Alexa, mop the floor. Amazon buys maker of robotic vacuum cleaners Roomba and mops Braava

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For 20 years, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners have been going back and forth around the apartment, cleaning the floors without the householders having to take care of them (that much). A new partner will help get them into the next decades and into new markets. Amazon has announced that it will buy iRobot for $1.7 billion.

In addition to Roomby, it also offers Braava robotic mops and Terra lawnmowers. Amazon will pay $61 in cash per share, which was still worth $46 at the beginning of August, and cover the debts that iRobot had. The acquisition has so far been negotiated by the boards of directors of both companies, but it still needs to be approved by shareholders and the relevant regulatory authorities.

For Amazon, it will be another device with which it wants to dominate households. They started with Kindle readers, today it also has Fire tablets, several types of Echo smart speakers, Halo fitness bracelets, the Glow communicator, Eero Wi-Fi routers or its own Sidewalk IoT platform, which it wants to connect products from other companies.

Last year, he also revealed his own Ring security system, a smart video doorbell, a thermostat and, above all, the autonomous Astro robot. But he doesn’t clean, he just watches over the pets and is at hand when you want to call someone or say a command through the voice assistant Alexa.

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