Alfastrakhovanie introduced the Nopaper service for remote work of agents

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Alfastrakhovanie has connected the Nopaper mobile document management service to optimize the exchange of documents with insurance agents. Now the company’s partners will be able to more comfortably conduct document management remotely and report under an agency agreement without a visit to the office, which will allow them to devote more time to their clients.

The service was developed by Abanking and SafeTech, residents of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation. Thanks to it, the company will be able to connect agents even more quickly and remotely issue them a mobile electronic signature without personal meetings. In turn, insurance intermediaries will be able to quickly sign documents under an agency agreement and exchange them electronically directly from a smartphone. All documents in the system will be legally significant.

The Nopaper service integrates via API with internal systems that generate documents. And the built-in mobile signature meets all information security requirements for controlling the integrity and authorship of signed documents. Now agents do not need to install special software and carry laptops with them to sign documents. They can report to the insurance company from their home, co-working space, or anywhere else.

“Even before the pandemic, Alfastrakhovanie invested in the digitalization of business processes. Our agents were able to fully appreciate the opportunities for remote work in the company’s ecosystem in the conditions of self-isolation, and solve key issues with clients and the company online. It has long been unnecessary for an agent to carry copies of documents to the office. All operations for the payment of agency fees are also carried out online through a personal account. Thanks to the Nopaper service, the process of remotely issuing a mobile signature to agents and exchanging documents from a smartphone has now become even easier and more efficient,” she said. Ekaterina DolgovaProject Manager of the Alfastrakhovanie Retail Sales Department.

“Today, optimization of internal corporate work and remote onboarding of employees into the information system is already a necessity. The possibility of digitalization of documents and remote issuance of ES directly to a smartphone provides a huge number of advantages and opens up new opportunities for all companies,” noted Daria Verestnikovaco-founder of Nopaper, commercial director of SafeTech.

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“During the pandemic, there was a boom in almost all EDI segments: from classic, with a high threshold of inconvenience in onboarding on the infrastructure of qualified signatures, to “doubtful”, from the point of view of information security, where SMS or push codes are used to confirm the signing of documents. AlfaStrakhovanie’s choice of Nopaper is an innovative balance in the EDI services market, combining a simple user path with the ability to remotely issue a mobile signature and all the benefits of full-fledged mobile cryptography, ensuring authorship and integrity control of all documents in the system and the presence of comprehensive artifacts evidence base for cases of analysis of conflict situations,” noted Nikolay Adeevco-founder of Nopaper, CEO of Abanking.


Alfastrakhovanie Group is a private Russian insurance group with a versatile portfolio of insurance services. The Group unites Alfastrakhovanie JSC, Alfastrakhovanie-life LLC, Alfastrakhovanie-OMS LLC, Medicine Alfastrakhovanie LLC and is part of the Alfa Group financial and industrial consortium. Alfastrakhovanie services are used by more than 31 million people and over 113 thousand enterprises. The regional network has 270 branches and offices throughout the country.

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