Amazon completa la adquisición de MGM

Amazon Completes MGM Acquisition

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About 10 months ago, it was confirmed that Amazon wanted to acquire MGM, with the go-ahead from the historic studio. However, and although both companies agreed to carry out the operation, this type of process takes a long time, because among other things they need the approval of the regulators that ensure to avoid possible monopolistic actions, in addition to scrutinizing the movements around said operations, as we have recently seen in the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

In the case of Amazon and MGM, everything seemed to be going well but the approval by the European regulator was still lacking, which has finally ruled in favor, thus eliminating the only choice that both companies could have to face. In this way, and as we can read in DigitalTrends, the process would have already been completed and, consequently, the MGM catalog, as well as the rest of its assets, are already owned by Amazon.

This movement, as we told you at the time, is very relevant when it comes to streaming services, something that is undoubtedly better understood if we take into account the previous operation in this regard, which was the acquisition of Fox by Disney in 2019. And it is that with this purchase, Amazon not only acquires a catalog that includes more than 100 years of cinema history, but also brings it closer to Prime Video, its video on demand service. Something that, of course, we can also read in the opposite direction, that is, that distances it from the rest of the services.

Amazon Completes MGM Acquisition

With this purchase, Amazon acquires ownership of more than 4,000 movies and 17,000 series episodessome of which are already part of the Amazon Prime catalogue, and many others within the MGM channel, available on Amazon’s streaming service, and with a monthly fee of 3.99 euros, it offers both a wide selection of titles on demand, as well as several thematic channels for broadcasting these titles, for users who do not want to have to choose what to watch.

The final cost of the acquisition was 8,500 million dollars, a much lower amount than the 71,300 million dollars that Disney paid for Fox three years ago, so we can consider that it has been a very profitable operation for Amazon. However, from now on the really interesting thing will be to see what happens to the MGM catalog in the coming months.

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