American basketball shoots a hundred cameras and creates a 3D model. The result looks like a computer game

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The US NBA has been playing volumetric filming of basketball games for some time, which it uses to recap interesting situations. But now she broadcast the whole game in this way, writes The Verge.

What exactly is it? Volumetric video is a type of photogrammetry that is used to create a 3D model of a scene by capturing it from all possible directions using common optics (without lasers / IR, etc.). For example, some 3D scanners, creation of depth maps using a stereo camera, etc. work.

The NBA, and therefore the sports channel ESPN, can use the data captured in this way for exotic shots of the playing field, as if, for example, a drone with a camera was racing over the basketball players. But it’s all just CGI – computer generated graphics.

The course captures more than 100 cameras

In practice, Canon’s Free Viewpoint Video System technology is used, which consists of more than 100 high-resolution cameras that capture the field from all possible angles. The powerful server combines the images together into a 3D model and the director can create completely unique shots using a virtual camera.

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Everything is based on Canon technology with more than a hundred HD cameras

In the future, the viewer at home could also do it on the couch. If he wants to see the scene from some other angle, he just shoots it at will. Technically, it is possible, but the weakness is the resulting image quality, which resembles a computer game. But it is only a matter of time and further development of technology.

ESPN’s new technology promotional video:

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