An analysis by Mac Studio showed that the M1 Ultra chip is three times larger than a conventional processor

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Apple’s new Mac Studio mini-computer hides tremendous performance in a very compact design. But how is everything arranged inside and what do the individual parts look like? The youtube channel Max tech got to the first detailed analysis.

At first glance, the Mac Studio chassis doesn’t seem to be disassembled and is made of one piece of aluminum. There are no screws anywhere. These are hidden under the rubber ring in the base. After unscrewing, the lower part falls out and you can see the internal structure consisting of several floors.

It is interesting that right at the bottom there are antennas on the sides, which penetrate the plastic on the edge of the lower Mac Studio aluminum plate. The first round part is the power supply itself, which is formed into a round shape. Below it is the motherboard itself, which consists mainly of a large heat distributor with two heatpipes.

The good news is that there are two small SSD slots on the board. Although Apple states that SSDs cannot be replaced from the user’s point of view (it has already been tested, it really is not possible), and it is necessary to visit the Apple Store or an agreed service center, we may encounter replacement kits that will be compatible in the future. Only a security issue could prevent this if Apple prevented such an exchange due to data encryption via a chip on the board.

It will also be pleasing that the individual ports are not firmly on the board, but are connected. If they are damaged over time, they can be easily replaced with new ones. On the opposite side of the board is the air cooler itself of relatively massive dimensions.

However, after exposing the copper ends of the heat dissipation tubes from the chip, its size will definitely surprise you – it is three times larger than, for example, a normal AMD Ryzen processor. But we must not forget that its case also contains RAM with a capacity of 128 GB.

This is also the reason why the copper part and the heat-conducting paste are applied only in the strip in the middle of the whole chip. This is where the M1 Ultra computer chip (2 × Apple M1 Max) is located. It is not necessary to cool the part with the operating memory on both sides.

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