And the hens will have nothing to eat! The American company introduced the first egg white, which does not require any animals

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The American biotechnology company The EVERY Company introduced the first egg white in the world, which does not require any animals. The novelty, named EVERY EggWhite, is supposed to offer the same taste and properties as the eggs from classic eggs. She used iconic macaroons to demonstrate culinary use.

Macaroons of proteins not derived from hens or other poultry, were created in collaboration with the confectionery Chantal Guillon, which specializes in the production of these French delicacies. Those interested can pre-order a package of six pieces for the price of $ 28 (approximately CZK 620) on the company’s website, with deliveries starting on Wednesday, March 30.

Eggs (not only) for vegans

Chantal Guillon declares macaroons made using EVERA EggWhite as vegan, as no animal-derived product is used in their preparation. At the same time, however, it declares that they contain egg allergens and are therefore not suitable for people with intolerance.

One of The EVERY Company ‘s goals is to accelerate the world’ s transition to non-animal protein. EggWhite is the third product to be launched in less than a year and a half, expanding the company’s ingredient portfolio and leveraging the $ 175 million capital injection it received at the end of last year.

The first egg white obtained without the use of any animals has all the functions of egg whites, but does not require the breeding of any poultry. Its production requires less water and land and, as a bonus, produces lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Secret recipe

The company works with modified yeast that they produce proteins contained in egg whites, however, the specific composition is shrouded in mystery. According to the New Atlas website, it is likely that ovalbumin, which is the main protein component of egg whites, plays a major role in the recipe.

Unlike other available alternatives, EggWhite reportedly tastes, whisks and gels just like white hen’s egg white. It provides the same level and stability of foam, aeration and texture needed for baking and can be used in a whole range of products from cakes, through biscuits and bread, to protein bars or pasta.

“Egg white is one of the crown jewels of the food industry, known for its unique properties, which make it it is almost impossible to replace it – until today. Today, for the first time, consumers anywhere in the US can taste EVERY EggWhite – the result of seven years of thorough research and development. “ said Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of EVERY.

Macaroons without hens

The limited edition macaroons will be handmade at the Chantal Guillon branch in San Francisco, from where they will be shipped across the country. The sweethearts will be able to enjoy the flavors of Earl Gray, passion fruit, pistachios, strawberries, Tahitian vanilla and dark chocolate.

“We never compromise on quality or taste, so we were thrilled to be able to work with EVERY to do something that has never been done before: create truly uncompromising macaroons for the world – kindsustainable and incredibly tasty. Enjoy your meal!” said Chantal Guillon owner Patrick Lassaque.

Although much work remains to be done to expand the production of these types of non-animal proteins, the future of feasting on traditional non-animal foods is clearly on the horizon.

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