Android apps for Windows 11 will not be available at launch

Android apps for Windows 11 will not be available at launch

Android applications for Windows 11 and their native execution was one of the great innovations announced for the next Microsoft operating system . But no good news comes. This feature will not be available at launch and will still take a few months.

“ We look forward to continuing our journey to bring Android applications to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel; this will start with a preview for Windows Insiders over the next few months, ” says Microsoft in the article where it announced the release date of the stable version of the system on October 5 .

After shelving Windows Mobile, Microsoft adopted Android as if it were its own operating system. He created a launcher, published apps for practically all his software (mainly Office, the most downloaded of its categories on Google Play) and signed strategic announcements to include it by default in terminals such as Samsung’s. It also brought mobile phone features to PCs with the Windows 10 “Your Phone” tool, aiming to provide a seamless transition of content and features between devices .

Android for Windows 11

All system providers have programs in place for the convergence of mobiles with PCs . We have seen it in the integration of Chrome OS and Android for Chromebooks and also on Macs, where not only iPhones have been connected like never before, but some of the macOS applications are a copy of the ones we use in iOS.

Microsoft wants to follow that path and for Windows 11 announced its own Subsystem for Android (WSA) in the purest WSL style created to support Linux. The intention is to create the conditions to “natively” run Android applications in Windows 11.

Within the redesigned Microsoft Store, users will be able to access the Amazon Appstore and run the next-generation Android App Bundles (AAB) software packaging format, which will eventually replace the current APK format. Taking into account the limitations of the Amazon store, Microsoft will also support the rest of the million Android apps through a new virtual machine.

Very interesting, but technically complicated. Running Android applications “directly” in Windows 11 will still require some layers of software that could affect performance. Or to compatibility. As the Amazon implementation will not have direct access to the applications and services in the Google Play Store, it could affect the functionality of the applications that depend on them. 

The result is that Microsoft has not come in time to include it . Taking into account that we are just over a month away from launch and that the RTM should be delivered to the manufacturers shortly, we can conclude that the development of functions for Windows 11 has ended and the remaining time must be dedicated to testing and resolution from problems. We assume that this subsystem for Android will be released in an update well into 2022.

And it won’t be the only feature delayed. From what we are testing in Insider, others are missing from those announced. We believe that the priority is being the visual section transferring the concepts of Windows 10X. And we’ll see what else. Microsoft runs the risk of releasing Windows 11 lame, as a mere ‘tweak’ of Windows 10 and not with the features that were promised.

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