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gboardGoogle’s keyboard for Android, will soon receive a novelty that lovers of emojis… and hieroglyphs will love, and that is that emojis, emoticons or whatever you want to call them are our daily bread in the Chat conversations have been going on for years and they are getting more and more, so it is not surprising that they are working to facilitate their use so that everything flows in the best possible way.

It is not that using emoji is difficult, but that switching between the ordinary keyboard and the emoji keyboard, even though the thing has been automated enough, is a bit of a nuisance… that this novelty from Gboard is not going to address, but that It can help relax a bit. However, they are still working on it and there is always room for improvement in everything that involves software development.

But what are we talking about? From a feature that is expected to come to Gboard in future updates: an emoji-making magic wand. As it is. This is a new button that will appear on the keyboard and pressing it will automatically insert emoji related to the text. Exactly how it does it is still not entirely clear from what has been said, the function is still in development and has hardly transpired, but the idea is understood.


Sometimes a picture is not worth more than a thousand words, but there is nothing else for now. What do you write “hello, little sun” (the closest translation that comes to mind right now)? Gboard adds several at the end of the message emoji with the closest meaning to the chosen words. And so with everything. It will be necessary to see, yes, to what extent this function is practical, because that is no longer so clear.

That is, is its purpose to supplement the original message, to help preselect emoji, or both? Because if after writing the message you have to start deleting the text and the leftover emoji, or just the leftover emoji -in the image there are more redundancies than is desirable- it almost makes more sense to continue as before, selecting by hand what you want it to appear on the screen. All in all, it is still a mere curiosity for Gboard users that, hopefully, can be disabled if you don’t like it.

That said, no one is going to doubt that Gboard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android, but given Google’s insane interest in recording all user activity, perhaps it’s a good idea to try alternatives, which exist and they are not bad either. But don’t jump from the frying pan to the fire: do you know OpenBoard? It’s a keyboard for Android based on the system’s own, a bit sparse in terms of customization, but open source and very reliable. I leave it there.

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