AnkerMake M5 impresora 3D rápida

AnkerMake M5, a fast and affordable 3D printer

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In the past we have seen how Ankerthe technology company known primarily for its charging products, was trying to expand its business by moving into other markets such as wireless headphones, but today he surprises us with the AnkerMake M5, his first 3D printing deviceand a commitment that advocates leaving behind the tedious and slow processes of these printers.

A feature that we will notice even from its own assembly, stating the company claims that its 3D printer can be assembled in just three steps, and as little as 15 minutesthanks to its pre-assembled modular design that only needs a few screws to set it up.

Although the true essence of the AnkerMake M5 is its printing speed. And it is that while its basic speed is focused on about 250 mm/s, designed to be used in more detailed projects that need a smooth finish, this printer includes a new fast mode that allows you to print up to 2,500mm/s. A way that although it will offer us somewhat coarser and less detailed final resultsis postulated as a really interesting alternative for printing prototypes or varieties that do not require excessive detail, offering in return a reduction in average print time of up to 70%.

In addition, this 3D printer has other advantages such as its AI-powered camera system that controls the print project and allows users to access it remotely to the live stream via the companion smartphone app. More importantly, it automatically stops the printing process if it detects things have gone wrong on the digital plane and also sends an app alert. This feature, in particular, will save a lot of expensive raw materials from going to waste.

However, it remains to be seen if the company will finally be able to fulfill all these promises. And it is that currently the AnkerMake M5 is only Kickstarter project, so it could still take a while to start producing and shipping. Although it should be noted that currently the project has not only met its financing objective, but has already accumulated more than 3 million euros compared to the less than 50,000 euros they were looking for.

So we can currently support this project to get one of the AnkerMake M5 3D printers for an exclusive early bird price of just $429 (approximately 395 euros), the company having already anticipated a price increase for later sale, amounting to 499 dollars (about 460 euros).

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