Antik TV is heading to the Czech Republic. It bets on an aggressive price, for CZK 199 it will offer 134 stations for up to 7 facilities

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Slovak Antik Telecom is launching services in our country as well. No internet connection, but with Antik TV services. Here he wants to break through among almost a dozen large Internet televisions, which have the largest domestic operators under them. At the same time, antique TV has something to address.

It offers one free tariff, two paid and two packages. The TV can then be watched on any connection, up to two TVs or STBs and five mobile phones or tablets. Antik runs on Android and iOS, but also supports Android TV, Apple TV, smart TV from Samsung and LG and has its own set-top box.

Free tariff includes channels of Czech and Slovak public television, Seznam TV, Noe, NASA and some regional stations. Almost everything in HD. Basic paid package Antique TV Mini for 199 CZK already contains 134 stations including Czech and Slovak commercial (Nova, Prima, Barrandov, Joj, Markíza), sports (Sport 1 and 2, Arena Sport 1 and 2, Golf Channel…), documentary (National Geographic, History Channel, Love Nature… ), film (Filmbox, AMC, AXN…), children (Disney, Nickelodeon, Minimax…) or music.

Higher Antique TV for 299 CZK it has 161 stations, in addition it has mainly Discovery, Europosport 1 and 2, Nova Sport 1 and 2 or other Filmbox channels. Who wants even more, for 99 CZK there is a Babylon package with 13 erotic stations and for 239 CZK a film package with HBO 1, 2 and 3 plus Cinemax 1 and 2. The price includes a HBO Max subscription.

Antik TV in the applications offers a program guide for 14 days and also a television archive, which goes back 20 days on TVs and 10 days on mobile phones and tablets. Telelevision streams in H.265 format with adaptive data flow, which in the case of HD can reach up to 6 Mb / s. Antik is also preparing for UHD / 4K in the future, or it has a recommended connection with a download speed of at least 15 Mb / s, but so far no station in the offer broadcasts in such quality. Not even the obligatory NASA TV.

The website is already working, it is also possible to download applications. The service will officially start in the coming days. It should be noted that Antik has been coming to the Czech Republic carefully for ten years now. In the summer of 2012, his iPhone TV service started operating here, and at that time registration with the CTU was also linked. For the second time, Antik announced the start of television services in June 2015 and for the third time this January.

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