The Apple Car could arrive in the next 3 years, using a Toyota chassis

We had not known about this future Apple project for a few months now, with the latest rumors that its Apple Car electric car project would be developed jointly with Hyundai . However, the silence is now broken again to take an important turn, confirming not only the change of chassis to Toyota vehicles , but also predicting a much earlier presentation than expected, pointing to the arrival of this car within the framework. of the next three years .

Rather than focus on core technology, Apple is reportedly going to focus more on the style and entertainment aspect of the vehicle , leaving the remainder of production to the vehicle manufacturer. And it is that according to the latest leaks shared by MacRumors , Apple plans to ” reimagine the interior of a car for a future in which people passively travel instead of driving “, with its Apple Car equipment supposedly full of dozens of technologies of hardware and software of former Tesla employees.

On the other hand, other leaks such as DigiTimes Asia ensure that Apple also aims to include an autonomous driving system , in addition to the development of its own battery technology , although unfortunately there are still quite a few unknowns about both.

Thus, as we anticipated, the most interesting thing would be the fact of the direct mention of a deadline for the launch of these smart electric cars, dating the arrival of the Aple Car for 2024 . And although this date may seem somewhat hasty, it should be noted that Apple has been working on this project since 2014.

Following previous rumors, the company’s goal would be to manufacture up to 100,000 Apple Cars per year , a figure that, although it is somewhat small for the market, is undoubtedly a strong push to enter the incipient vehicle market autonomous.

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