Apple does not count on metaverse. His augmented reality glasses will go the traditional way

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Last year brought us a new metaverse phenomenon, which was started by Meta (formerly Facebook) and subsequently other large companies that have to do with virtual or augmented reality began to join it. But that turns out probably not to be the case with Apple.

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on its own augmented and virtual reality glasses, which could be introduced this year. However, according to new information from a very trusted source – Mark Gurman from the Bloomberg agency, Apple does not expect to connect to the metaverse with a new device.

Gurman adds that he was directly told that the vision of connecting through a headset to a completely different world, where he will spend a long time, is the exact opposite of what Apple wants. Rather, it intends to focus on use as an adjunct, where the device will be used to consume VR / AR content or play games. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device is to offer 4K resolution for each eye and six cameras for orientation in space.

The traditional way

Apple prefers to take the path where glasses will be more of an accessory intended for shorter use, such as communication or content consumption. So games, movies and other content. Gurman adds that he was directly told that the vision of virtual worlds where one goes through glasses is the exact opposite of what Apple wants.

So it looks more like Apple wants to follow a similar path as other manufacturers have in the past, but they haven’t been very successful in promoting virtual and augmented reality. Consider, for example, the Google DayDream project or the Samsung GearVR. However, Apple has shown several times in the past that it has managed to turn unsuccessful attempts of the competition into its success. In addition, no one has had such a large and comprehensive device ecosystem in the past as Apple.

Nevertheless, omitting the metaverse is a surprising step, as many companies are now pushing into it, and if these virtual worlds really become the standard of the future, Apple can catch the train. However, Bloomberg talks about omitting the metaverse only with the upcoming glasses, but it is possible that he has other plans with these virtual worlds. But the future will show that.

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Source: Bloomberg, Via Engadget

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