Apple has shown in practice that smart devices bring a whole new type of problem

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As we wrote in an earlier article, Apple’s new Studio Display is actually an iPhone 11 with a large display, which has not only positives but also negatives.

As soon as there is “cleverness” somewhere, and thus more advanced software, it also means a possible increased chance of problems. A few days ago, Apple stopped signing iOS 15.4 and older (due to the released iOS 15.4.1). However, it was not possible to install updates for Studio Display, and MacOS users were warned that the installation of the new firmware for Studio Display could not be completed, and if the problem persisted, contact Apple Support.

After a few hours, Apple managed to fix the bug and remote servers and authentication only started working for iOS 15.4 on this monitor, so it could be easily updated. But this demo serves more as a warning as previously stupid things become dependent on updates and verification.

How these things will work after 5 or 10 years is a question. For example, with older game consoles that already had access to the Internet, we are seeing massive server shutdowns, which means significant limited original functionality and gaming experiences. Extending viability must then be complicated by an enthusiastic community using special hardware and software.

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