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Apple M2: poor CPU upgrade, big GPU upgrade (for now)

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With the Apple M2 being a reality, many now wonder how much it will improve in terms of performance compared to the previous generation. After the official announcement, we now echo that it aims to be a somewhat poor improvement at the processor level, but important in terms of graphics processing.

Being more specific, leaked performance tests show that the Apple M2 would not be a significant improvement in terms of processor power, but at the graphics level. According to the tests, which were published by BenchLeaks, the Apple M2 it would improve compared to the previous generation only 10% in monocore and 16% in multicore. Nevertheless, the GPU would show a performance increase of up to 67%which would be an important evolution.

Apple M2 Vs Apple M1 Vs Intel Core i7-12800H Vs Intel Core i7-11800H Vs AMD Ryzen 7 5800H at the processor level (CPU)

The tests leaked by BenchLeaks were carried out with Geek Bench 5, a suite that usually packs a punch when it comes to cryptography tests, but whose results with integer and floating point processing do give you an idea of ​​what Apple’s brand-new processor can offer. Of course, until the MacBook Air M2 2022 and the MacBook Pro M2 2022 are launched in July, it would be prudent to take the data that comes to us with a grain of salt.

The Apple M2 includes Avalanche cores for high performance and Blizzard cores for power efficiency. On both fronts it outperforms the Firestorm and Icestorm cores of the Apple M1, but in the end the improvement doesn’t seem to be particularly significant. There is an improvement at the level of clock cycles, caches and an improved memory system, but all this does not apparently translate into a noticeable improvement at the IPC level. The evolution of the cores focused on energy efficiency looks to be greater compared to the previous generation than the high-performance ones.

Apple M2 Vs Apple M1 Vs Intel Core i7-12800H at the graphics level (GPU)

As we can see, where the Apple M2 will stand out will be in improving graphics performance, and possibly for this reason we will see during the course of this year port Resdient Evil Village native for Mac. Although at a technical level it is not a particularly cutting-edge game, it will be interesting to see comparisons with Windows laptops and computers that are potentially equivalent to Apple machines or at least are on paper, because comparing different architectures is sometimes not easy.

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