Apple Mac Studio Display is like an overgrown iPhone 11. Inside is a large storage and iOS 15.4

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Apple’s recently introduced Mac Studio Display monitor is more of a computer than a monitor. While the monitor is only one part of this device, because of the other components, it would be more appropriate to indicate that it is an iPhone 11 with a giant display, although Apple does not officially present it.

Although the Mac Studio Display has not yet been analyzed in detail (as opposed to the Mac Studio), the information found within the software is already appearing. As we know from Apple, inside the monitor is a full-fledged A13 Bionic chip, which is the same chip as the iPhone 11 or iPad 9th generation. By the way, it is also a newer generation, and therefore a more powerful chip than the Apple 4K TV (Apple A12 Bionic).

We managed to find out that iOS 15.4 is running in the monitor, ie the same as on the latest iPhones. In addition, the internal storage has a relatively unusually high capacity of 64 GB, although the system takes up only 2 GB. The remaining 62 GB is still unused. The question is, why would Apple put such a powerful “computer” into the monitor?

The operating system in the monitor also has its negatives – an error may occur and it is necessary to restart the monitor:

It can be speculated that Apple may have bigger plans with this monitor than it seems at first glance. The monitor has a camera, microphones, speakers and a USB hub, as well as a Thunderbolt. Apple doesn’t mention anything about the chip, operating system or storage in the specifications, so we’ll see after the analysis if there are any wireless antennas inside. Also, the size of the operating memory is not yet known, but it will probably have a capacity of 4 GB.

If that were the case, Apple could allow the monitor to run wirelessly in the future, as in the case of the iPad, and maybe something more – computer in iOS / iPadOS based monitor. But whatever the outcome, it is clear that this will at least allow Apple to greatly improve the monitor in terms of “cleverness”.

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