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Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals

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Apple has presented iOS 16, the latest update of its well-known mobile operating system for iPhone, and from the beginning it has made it clear that has boosted lock screen customization options. This was highly anticipated, as it breaks the routine that iOS users have been dealing with for many years, and gives us the ability to introduce numerous elements that will allow us to create a truly unique lock screen.

iOS 16

The list of options and elements available to customize the lock screen of the iPhone thanks to iOS 16 is quite extensive, but among the most interesting features are those that allow us to change the color of it, as well as fonts and filters. The interface that we will have to use to make these changes is, as expected, simple and intuitive.

iOS 16

iOS 16

In the attached image you can see some examples of customizing the lock screen, and the truth is that the results we can achieve they are quite attractive. I’m looking forward to trying out this new feature. So that your new lock screen can shine in all its splendor, Apple has also improved notification management, which no longer stack vertically and are grouped in an overlap less invasive staggered that we can rotate with a simple gesture.

iOS 16

Interesting, right? And this is not all, with iOS 16 Apple has also improved the notifications and the information we receive from those events or tasks that are being carried out live. Thus, for example, if we are playing music, the player information will now appear minimized at the bottom, and the live eventssuch as sports competitions or the distance to which our Uber is, will also be displayed at the bottom of the lock screen, and will collect all the important information so that we do not miss anything.

iOS 16

Concentration mode has also received small improvements at the customization level. It now extends to the lock screen, and you can filter groups of tabs in Safari, conversations in Messages, and events in our calendar.

We now jump to see the applications that have received improvements of interest with iOS 16, and we start with messages. From now on we can edit messages in real timesomething that will undoubtedly be appreciated by all those who are given to writing so fast that they do not control the mistakes they make with each message.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 33

Isn’t it enough for you to be able to edit the messages? Well, don’t worry, Apple has also thought of those who are carried away by impulse and who, shortly after, end up regretting having sent certain messages. Thanks to the option “undo” we will be able to delete said messages, and yes, in both chats. Another important novelty that has come to Messages is SharePlay, which allows us to share and enjoy our favorite multimedia content with our friends.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 35

Apple Maps has been one of the applications that has received the most changes, not only at a functional level, but also in terms of design. The Cupertino giant has confirmed an important visual facelift and he has also named interesting novelties that will improve the user experience, and that we are going to review next.

apple maps

The dark mode is undoubtedly one of the most interesting changes, but the routes with several stops are not far behind, since they allow us set multiple breakpoints on a certain route, and we can modify them on the fly. Last we have transit, which tells us the cost of the route we are going to take, in case we find tolls and payment access. We can also associate a payment method, and if we don’t have funds we can add them without having to leave the application.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 38

With iOS 16 Apple has also introduced interesting improvements in Dictation. This application allows us keep the keyboard open to intervene at any time, if we prefer to continue writing in the traditional way and cancel the transcription. Thanks to the acceleration provided by the advanced NPU of the Apple A-series SoCs, the user experience is totally fluid when switching from one input mode to another, and the automatic addition of punctuation marks occurs.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 40

In «Live Text» we find changes focused on make the system smarter. Thanks to these changes, it now works directly on videos, and is capable of performing direct translations in applications. We can also use it to copy elements of photographs that we have and paste them directly into other applications. Thus, for example, we can cut our pet out of a photo and paste it directly into Messages.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 42

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 44

Another of the most interesting novelties that Apple has confirmed with iOS 16 is found in Portfolio, and it is the function Apple PayLater. As its name suggests, it is an option that allows us to use the Cupertino giant’s well-known payment platform to buy something and pay for it “later”, specifically in a maximum of four equal installments, although these must be paid within a maximum period of 6 weeks. In exchange for this short term, we will not have to pay interest, and we will be able to track our purchases with Apple Pay Order Tracking.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 46

Now it is our turn to talk about the improvements in Photos. With iOS 16 Apple will make it much easier to share our favorite photos, thanks to iCloud Shared Photo Library, which will allow us to share entire libraries of photos with our family. Our loved ones will also be able to contribute to that library by uploading their own photos, and making edits.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 48

We will be able to send photos automatically through the automatic sharing option of the camera, and share them also automatically if we have activated the corresponding option. And speaking of family, with iOS 16 we will also have new options to manage and control our children’s accounts, establish parental controls and restrictions and to approve requests for additional time of use.


As expected, iOS 16 also brings news in Home and Apple Car. With regard to the smart home, greater integration and a profound redesign of the application stand out, as we can see in the attached image. We turn to Apple Car, and we also find a major facelift accompanied by new features that are certainly quite interesting.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 51

Apple Car can now show a very careful and extended interface on all the screens that our car has. With it we can control numerous elements of the vehicle, including from the sound system and the radio to the air conditioning, and it transmits information in real time between the iPhone and our vehicle, which translates into a perfect fit with any screen. the interface maintains that unmistakable minimalist touch of iOSand the truth is that it looks really good, as we can see in the attached images.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 53 Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 55 Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 57

The security and privacy They are two of the most important values ​​for Apple, and that is why in iOS 16 the apple company has confirmed improvements in both aspects. In this sense, we find new options in the configuration that are designed to help people who have been victims of abuse or mistreatment, and that will allow us to access even an emergency reset button.

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 59

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 61

Before moving on to the next section let’s see other functions and value features that will include iOS 16, and that we have not been able to ignore:

  • The Health app will come with the Medication feature, which allows you to create and manage medication lists, calendars, and reminders.
  • Apple News launches the My Sports section, which will allow us to follow our favorite sporting events.
  • Game Center improves its interface with a new redesigned panel that simplifies the management of our activity.
  • We can use the iPhone’s “True Depth” camera to create a personalized profile of our head and enjoy personalized spatial sound.
  • Siri offers new features, such as running app shortcuts, adding emojis, sending messages automatically, and hanging up calls or video calls on FaceTime.
  • New accessibility features, including door detection.

All the news of iOS 16 in an image and compatible terminals

Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals 63

The image that you will find just above these lines includes some of the most important news that Apple has confirmed with the announcement of iOS 16. Unfortunately, the apple company has not specified which terminals will be compatible with said operating system, but according to the last information we had seen everything seems to indicate that it will be compatible with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and higher. However, keep in mind that other media have commented that iOS 16 could be limited to iPhone 7 and above.

If all goes according to plan, the release of iOS 16 will happen in September of this yearprobably in the first half of that month, the date on which the presentation of the iPhone 14 will also take place.

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