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Apple’s AR headset could hit the market as a standalone device

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For months, if not years, it has been rumored that Apple is finally starting to focus its idea on what it will be his first mixed reality headset that could be available as a standalone or “standalone” devicewhich completely eliminates not only wired connectivity, but even a computer. to be able to work completely autonomously.

In the latest research report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, published by. is shared MacRumors and 9to5Macthe analyst said that the device will have a main processor with the same computing power as the M1 chip and a secondary processor to handle all sensor related calculations. With both processors in place, the headphones don’t need to be connected to an iPhone or Mac.

In this way, this helmet will not only be able to offer augmented reality experiences, but also virtual ones. Some experiences supported by his two Sony 4K Micro OLED displays supported by this proprietary chipset, with the performance necessary to support the screens. And it seems Apple would have finally taken a step back in terms of the first rumored 8K screens.

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However, it is not neglected to emphasize that these new predictions from Kuo contradict previous rumors such as that of The information, who claimed last September that this mixed reality headset needs to communicate wirelessly with an iPhone or iPad or computer to handle most of its processing power.

In fact, previous advances, such as the company’s investor notice, have shown us that the new mixed reality glasses will have WiFi 6E connectivity technology to deliver the highest bandwidth with the best latency while there is no need for a wired connection to a computer. In addition, this connectivity also means more capacity, more speed and less traffic and enables transmissions of up to 120 Hz.

According to Kuo, Apple will begin production of these mixed reality headsets in the fourth quarter of 2022, although at the moment it didn’t want to get wet when it came to giving us a date to publicly announce the product. On the other hand, the analyst also confirms that the headphones will be aimed at developers and creators, so their price will be significantly higher than we could initially expect and reach $ 3,000.

Finally, it should be mentioned again that parallel to the development of the Apple Glasses, a project designed for the general public is planned, which will be presented in advance in the coming months.

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