As in chat applications. Reddit received real-time indicators

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Although Reddit is basically a set of internet forums, after a series of recent innovations, it will visually approach chat applications. Animations are aimed at the platform, which will show what is happening in real time in individual communication rooms (subreddits). Whether someone is just writing a comment, whether someone is reading it, how the posts are doing, etc.

The new indicators are available both on the desktop and on Reddit applications for iOS and Android. Their intention is to make the time spent on the network a more dynamic experience, users will see a variety of animations as the discussion develops in real time.

For example, the number of votes each post received (upvoting and downvoting) is no longer updated until you refresh the entire page, but will be animated based on how people click on it at that moment. Likewise, the number of comments on posts will be updated in real time.

Also, if someone is writing a comment, a new animation will appear that reveals that someone is writing something, or how many people are in the middle of the process of sharing a comment. However, users will not see the specific names of the discussants, only the anonymous icon. As soon as these people post a comment and you are just reading the post, another new animation will pop up, which will rank from the most recent when the message is clicked.

And to make matters worse, Reddit will also start showing in real time if more than one person is reading the post.

“These features are designed to increase engagement across Reddit,” the network said in a statement, adding that when people know that other users are interested in their posts at a particular time, they stay longer in the discussions and contribute more. The concept is proven from other social networks and communicators, Reddit did not originally aim for these goals, but times are changing.

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