ASRock Debuts Intel 600 Series Motherboards for Alder Lake CPUs

A list of Intel 600 series motherboards that ASRock will market to support the new ‘Alder Lake’ processors has come to light. There will be more than 30 different models , confirming the great support we expect from the industry, from other large manufacturers such as ASUS, GIGABYTE or MSI.

Alder Lake will mark changes at all levels in terms of designs and production of Intel’s central processing units. With the first major architectural renovation in a decade (or more), these CPUs stand out for their “hybrid” design mixing high-performance and low-power chips. It will sound familiar to you because the general idea follows the big.LITTLE design philosophy proposed by ARM, which has been used massively for years in devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Intel’s innovation is to do it on x86 architecture and with higher performance chips than ARMs in mobiles, offering solutions for all computational ranges from laptops to servers, while improving the performance of integrated graphics thanks to the work developed for its new generation of solutions known as Intel Arc and adding the latest technologies and standards for PCs, such as DDR5 memories, the PCIe 5.0 interface, Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity or the new USB4.

A very ambitious bet that of Intel with Alder Lake as you can see in the interview that the Technical Sales Manager of Intel in EMEA, Patricia Pozuelo, gave us.

Intel 600 series

ASRock Intel 600 series motherboards

Any processing platform as novel as this needs components that support it and the main one is the motherboards. It should be mentioned that Alder Lake will not be backward compatible with any of the above and will force investment in CPU + motherboard. If the current DDR4 RAM memories can be used because Intel will support them together with the new DDR5 and in the same way we can connect graphic cards or SSDs under PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 interfaces.


Intel 600 series motherboards will debut the chipsets of the same name to support the new technologies and technological standards discussed and also the new LGA 1700 socket designed specifically for Alder Lake. Intel has promised to keep socket + chipset for three generations of processors which would allow profitable spending.

The ASRock list that we leave you below, includes motherboards of all types, levels and prices, from the most powerful with overclocking capacity and the Z690 chipset to the H610 that we will see in entry-level laptops or PCs. There are also differences in formats, from large ATX to smaller ITX for mini-PCs, and variants according to connectivity.

ASRock Z690

  • Z690 PG Velocita
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4 / ax
  • Z690M Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 PG Riptide
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX / TB4
  • Z690 Extreme
  • Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E
  • Z690 Steel Legend
  • Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E
  • Z690 Pro RS / D5
  • Z690 Pro RS
  • Z690 Pro4
  • Z690-C / ac
  • Z690-C / ax
  • Z690-C / D5
  • Z690M-ITX / ax

ASRock H670

  • H670 PG Riptide
  • H670 Steel Legend
  • H670M Pro4
  • H670M-ITX / ax

ASRock B660

  • B660 Pro4
  • B660 Steel Legend
  • B660M Steel Legend
  • B660 Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS / ac
  • B660M Pro4
  • B660M Pro4 / ac
  • B660M-HDV
  • B660M-C
  • B660M-ITX / ac

ASRock H610

  • H610M-HDV / M.2
  • H610M-HDV
  • H610M-HVS
  • H610M-ITX / ac

Taking into account that from ASRock we see 36 different models and they still need to take out those corresponding to other series such as Taichi, Aqua or OC Formula, we take for sure a couple of hundred motherboards for the Alder Lake. Intel will announce a portion of the CPUs in the fall and the remainder at CES 2022. An important platform that will be fully supported by the industry.

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