Attention, the rocket is flying. Google in Ukraine will start warning Android users against raids

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The current invasion of Ukraine is moving the world and has affected the behavior of many companies that help the country or, conversely, leave Russia, or end some of their services there. For the people of Ukraine and refugees, companies often come up with ways to help. Now Google has come up with a very useful news that can save lives.

The application is operated in the country Ukrainian Alarm, which alerts the user to impending missile attacks. Google has been helping the state promote the app for as many people as possible. But now it goes even further and integrates the missile strike warning system directly into Android.

The company has newly implemented a missile strike warning system in Google Play services. This will allow users with Android phones to be notified with a notification without having to download and install the application. The warning should be displayed in Ukrainian or English so that foreigners who happen to be in the area understand the warning.

According to a statement on the blog, Google implemented the function into its systems upon request and in cooperation with the Ukrainian government. Deployment was very simple in this case, as a similar warning system is used in some countries to warn of earthquakes. It was enough to modify this variant a bit and connect it to the Ukrainian systems, which it also uses for notification in a separate application. The feature should be available to users within a few days.

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