Autopsy of the Logitech G920 gaming steering wheel. How digital mechanics meets inside

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The game steering wheel is an interesting and especially unusual periphery. During the autopsy, you will not come across a pile of chips, but mostly an analogue and honest mechanics, which are not so often seen today.

The Logitech G920 is a still-selling steering wheel that connects to the Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. It has siblings called G29, which also understands the PC, but the consoles are friends with the Sony PlayStation 3, 4 and 5. Visually, they are very similar, but the difference, of course, lies in the controls that respect the console platform. Of course, there are also pedals for both steering wheels and it is possible to buy a gear lever.

After the autopsy, Kuba Čížek played the pedals a bit:

The steering wheel is classically attached to the table with clamps and the pedals have rubber feet, so they do not slip. But if the pedals stand on the carpet, all you have to do is pull out the surface with the plastic thorns at the bottom.

Take a look at the annotated analysis:

You push the pedals with a spring

The pedal base is mostly plastic and screwed together. First, you need to remove the pedals that make up the plastic base 1 and metal cover. 2 That the manufacturer thinks about the details can be seen immediately after removing the treads, because there are three holes on the levers. 3 So you can move the pedals closer to each other or vice versa. Which can be useful for people with larger legs, who may, for example, inadvertently squeeze the gas when braking.

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