“Avanpost” automated the management of the life cycle of accounts and access rights in the management company “Pervaya”

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Avanpost, a Russian developer of systems for identifying and managing access to enterprise information resources, has completed a project to automate the management of the life cycle of accounts and access rights in JSC MC Pervaya. The solution, deployed on the basis of the Avanpost IDM software product, helped the company optimize the issuance of access rights to new employees and the formation of applications for access to the management company’s systems. Also, within the framework of the project, integration with Jira Service Desk is set up. This was reported to CNews by the representatives of “Outpost”.

The main objectives of the project were to strengthen the information security contour of the enterprise, automate onboarding and the processes of requesting access, its approval and execution.

At the time of the start of work, the company’s infrastructure had a large number of internal systems, the integration with IDM of which would require months of improvements. It is for such systems that Jira Service Manager was integrated. Now requesting access for employees is fully automated. You can get it on the principle of a single window.

The implementation of Avanpost IDM has improved two important business processes related to the new employee’s hiring and the formation of a request for access to the organization’s systems. Thanks to this, an account with basic access is created automatically immediately after the employee is registered. As a result, when leaving the office, a person will have basic access and the opportunity to immediately start working.

The changes also affected the management of access to the systems of the Criminal Code “First”. Now all accesses are issued through the IDM self-service portal, where they are broken down by systems and types.

As part of the project, the customer took over the design of the role model and the connection of managed information systems. At the moment, full-fledged functional support of the system and its development is carried out entirely by the specialists of the management company.

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“Implementation of the Avanpost IDM system at Pervaya Management Company made it possible to achieve tangible results. On the one hand, the transparency and automation of activities for the IT and IS departments of the customer has increased, on the other hand, the process of applying for access and tracking the path of its execution for the user has been simplified. One of the important aspects of this process, in my opinion, is the high degree of involvement and competence of the customer’s specialists, who completely cover the issues of operating the implemented solution and develop it both in terms of increasing functionality and expanding the landscape of managed systems,” she said. Marina DoniyDeputy General Director for design work of the company “Avanpost”.


MC Pervaya is a Russian management company, the founder of the domestic asset management industry. The total volume of assets under management at the end of 2021 is 1.56 trillion rubles.

Outpost is a Russian developer of identification and access control systems. Avanpost has been operating in the information technology market since 2007. The company’s solution line includes the following products: Avanpost IDM – a centralized access management system for enterprise corporate resources; Avanpost PKI is a system for managing all elements of the PKI infrastructure from a single center; Avanpost FAM – a system for unified authentication of employees in the corporate resources of the organization; Avanpost Web SSO is a single user authentication system for portals and external applications. All solutions are developed taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation, are included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software, and are also certified in the structures of the FSTEC of Russia.

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