Bad Robot Games ficha a Tanya Watson como presidenta

Bad Robot Games signs Tanya Watson as president

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It’s been about a year since we first heard about Bad Robot Games and since then we have hardly heard of this new project. That is understandable and frightening at the same time. Understandable, because it goes without saying that the first steps have been taken during this time and that it makes sense for them to take place under the radar, as this is a very critical phase. And terrible, because personally I can’t wait to know what they’re working on.

And although we don’t know what they’re working on at the moment, VentureBeat tells us today the Tanja Watson. Video game industry veteran has joined the project and assumed the position of president by Bad Robot Games. In addition, the medium publishes an interesting interview with the head of the study, in which, in addition to a complete review of her résumé, she also gives us a brush stroke about the current status of the company.

On the one hand, Watson betrayed that The current staff of Bad Robot Games consists of almost 50 people. A number to which you can, yes, add the 100 or so Bad Robot employees who, although they cannot contribute to the development of the titles, could be involved in the entire creative process around them. From scriptwriting to art design, the studio can actually benefit from all of the creative wealth of JJ Abrams’ production company.

On the other hand, and when asked whether Bad Robot Games is producing prototypes for the time being or, on the contrary, has already started producing something, Watson replies: «We have some projects in the early stages. One of them is the project developed in-house with Mike Booth’s team, a cooperative multiplayer game with Triple A. We also have some editorial projects that we hope we can talk about soon.«.

As for Watson, even before he arrived at Bad Robot Studios, he had years of experience in the industry and was part of such emblematic and recognizable gaming teams as Fornite, Dungeon Siege II and Gears of War. It’s easy to see from the titles that much of her work history was developed at Microsoft (where it happened to coincide with Anna Sweet, the director of the studio where they meet again) and at Epic Games.

Bad Robot Games signs Tanya Watson as president

JJ Abrams – Image: Dick Thomas Johnson

So and if we keep our fingers crossed It may not take us long to figure out what they’re working on and what they want to surprise us with. And expectations are high. Keep in mind that Bad Robot Games is named after JJ Abrams’ production company, so it would be strange if at least its first few releases didn’t have the signature of the controversial director, producer, and screenwriter in some way.

Either through Lost or through Episodes VII and IX of Star Wars, Abrams has won fans and critics alike. Hopefully, therefore, Bad Robot Games titles can evoke similar sensations. And as a person who liked Lost (I apologize if I insulted you with such a statement) but who was left a little indifferent by Episode IX, I can’t wait to discover the plot and arguments of their titles. More than its mechanics, really.

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