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The developer of cloud solutions “Basis” has prepared the release of the next updates of the platform “Basis.Cloud” version 3.0. taking into account the peculiarities of domestic cloud providers in the new realities.

According to the developers, the updated system will improve the compatibility of the solution with new equipment, as well as increase the level of availability and reliability of cloud and virtual services. For industry experts, Basis has published a repository for complete installation and updating of the platform, a complete package of documentation: a platform administrator’s guide for manual and automated installation, updating and management scenarios; program template and test method; added the role of an auditor, enabled the ability to manage the platform through Terraform, and automated the installation steps; prepared a training video demonstrating the installation of the platform and passing functional tests. The solution will allow companies that decide to virtualize a large amount of capacity to save from three days to three weeks of work for a team of specialists. Thanks to the new solution, the procedure will now take about one day.

“In a number of projects of our clients, including large government services and structures, it is necessary to widely use cloud technologies and virtualization tools. As a rule, this is a rather time-consuming process, and the fact that it can now be automated greatly simplifies both our lives and the lives of our clients,” said ATVladimir Livinskiyproduct manager “Basis”.

With the update, Basis plans to solve the problem of unsatisfied demand and save domestic companies from a number of difficulties in working with cloud technologies that they have encountered when working with foreign providers in recent months.

“Many business organizations used the services of the world’s largest providers – Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, VMware, Autodesk and SAP. After the imposition of sanctions, a number of companies, including large ones, faced restrictions on access to resources in foreign clouds, a ban on the use of a cloud service, or the inability to pay for it from Russia. Some organizations transfer infrastructure to Russian cloud platforms preventively. The volume of the Russian market of IaaS and PaaS services in 2021 grew by almost 40%, and its volume amounted to more than 55 billion rubles, this year the market expects growth by 30-35%. Therefore, our software is an ideal choice,” said Vladimir Livinsky.

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