Beeline increased the average speed of mobile Internet in the Moscow metro by 4.5 times

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Thanks to network upgrades, Beeline customers can download content 4.5 times faster while driving in the Moscow metro. This conclusion was reached by the company’s specialists after their comparative drive tests of the network in the Moscow metro in June 2022. The study revealed an increase in speed and improvement in mobile Internet coverage compared to May 2021. The average speed of mobile Internet during peak hours can now reach 127 Mbps, this speed may be enough to watch 4K video. At the time of the drive tests, at none of the stations, the mobile Internet speed did not fall below 89 Mbps, and the maximum reached 151 Mbps.

In addition, Beeline provided almost 100% mobile coverage of all stations and hauls of the Moscow metro. This means that while moving, the company’s customers will be able to download and upload content without hanging up and losing connection, and also not interrupt their conversations while moving inside the subway.

Beeline customers underground in the metro can also use VoLTE technology for voice calls. The main advantages of this technology are connection speed, voice quality, as well as the ability to simultaneously talk and continue to use the mobile Internet.

Back in 2021, Beeline completely upgraded its network in the Moscow Metro to the 5G-Ready standard. This means that the introduction of fifth generation networks can be carried out within a few days after the allocation of a frequency resource for this standard. 5G-Ready equipment currently provides communication services using LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro technology.

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PJSC VimpelCom (Beeline brand) is part of the VEON group of companies, an international telecommunications company offering its customers communication and Internet services.

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