Best friend processors and coolers. Alphacool Apex paste boasts the highest thermal conductivity

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Today, neither processor nor graphics chips can be operated without heat-conducting paste. Arctic with the latest generation MX-5 is one of the mainstays in the field of heat-conducting pastes. However, two new players are entering this market – NZXT, which called the MX-5 capability (5 W / mK) with a thermal conductivity value of 6.3 W / mK (the more, the better) for HPTP paste. The second company – Alphacool, but in the end overtook them all.

The new Alphacool Apex heat-conducting paste reaches a record value of 17 W / mK, which is more or less three times the mentioned competition. It should be noted that we compare electrically non-conductive pastes, not silver and liquid metal based pastes, which of course have even better thermal conductivity, but are also electrically conductive, so they can only be used in special cases, provided that everything around the chip is well insulated to avoid short circuit.

Alphacool achieved record values ​​by using nanopowder with low thermal resistance. But he did not reveal the details of the material, which is not very surprising. The paste has a classic gray color and a 4g package with a density of 3.5 g / cm3 costs $ 15, which is around 420 crowns. In contrast, the classic Arctic MX-5 in the same amount costs around 150 crowns.

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