Bitrix24 has released a desktop client for Linux systems

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The departure of large IT vendors from Russia, the possible disabling of product updates, and the denial of support are the reasons for the transition of business representatives to Linux systems. Now Bitrix24 users whose computers or laptops run on Linux can use all the features of the service in the new desktop application. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Bitrix24.

The novelty has the same functions as the versions for Windows and macOS. Collaboration, CRM, tasks and projects, video calls, inventory control, websites and stores are already available in the application.

Bitrix24 runs on the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu 20,21,22 (Gnome), Kubuntu 20,22 (KDE), Mint 20 (Mutter), Fedora 35 (Gnome), Fedora 36, ​​BaseALT Simpy, Linux 10.0.900 (Xfce ), Rosa 21.1 (KDE), Astra Linux (Orel 2.12), OpenSuse Leap 15.4.

Julia Shmakotina, Executive Director of Bitrix24: “The developers and user companies of Bitrix24 pursue the same goals – maximum reliability, availability and fault tolerance of the online service. Launching the desktop version of Bitrix24 on Linux is part of the overall strategy. It’s no secret that requests for this configuration are becoming fairly regular. Adapting Bitrix24 to the current needs of users, including infrastructure ones, will always remain an important priority for our company.”


Bitrix24 is a Russian online business management service. In November 2021, Bitrix24 reached 10 million registered companies.

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