Bonduelle has implemented a robot for generating reports and acts on IT services

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IT integrator “Up-link”, together with Pix Robotics, completed an RPA project to implement a software robot for generating reports and acts for currency control at Bonduelle

Bonduelle is specialized in vegetable processing. It supplies both canned and frozen vegetable products to the Russian market. The company has three factories in Russia and a head office in Moscow. The total staff is over 500 people.

The process of generating reports and acts is a monthly process required to pay for services at the company’s head office. These reports and acts are attached to payments that go through currency control. Therefore, they must be created promptly and without errors.

The company made a decision to robotize this process on the Russian RPA-platform Pix. Services for the implementation of the platform and the development of a software robot were provided by the IT integrator “Up-link”.

On the first day of a new month at 18:00, a robot is launched, which accesses the master data and begins the process of generating reports and acts. To do this, the robot takes a pre-formed template and, according to the described logic, fills it in and calculates the necessary parameters. Upon completion of the work, a notification is sent to employees. All data on the progress of the calculation and filling process is recorded in the data log.

In case of technical errors, the robot sends a notification letter to the e-mail addresses of the support group, the contractor and other participants, enters a note about the error in the log and waits for elimination to continue working.

The implementation of a software robot made it possible to reduce the time spent on the process from 1 hour to 3 minutes and eliminated errors in the formation of documents and, as a result, reduced possible risks associated with currency control.

“Despite the reduction of time indicators by 20 times, the key in this project was not to speed up the process, but to reduce errors, which entailed a number of difficulties with currency control. Pix software robot can reduce up to 99% of errors, and this is one of the basic functional advantages of RPA technology, ”said Maria Usova, RPA Analyst at Pix Robotics.

Bonduelle is in the process of implementing a robot for posting bank statements into the ERP system. This is a rather laborious and costly process, which takes 3-4 hours daily for an employee of the accounting department. After the successful implementation of this robot, the company expects to reduce the employee’s participation in this process to 30 minutes a day.

At the planning stage and final approval is the launch of the robotization process for the customer service employees. The essence of the need is as follows: on a daily basis, department employees check incoming orders from customers for correctness and absence of errors, and only after that they upload them to ERP and send information to warehouses for shipment. More than 3 thousand orders are processed per month, and each takes an average of 6 minutes. This process requires about 300 man-hours per month. That’s almost 2 full monthly rates. The successful implementation of robotization in this process will completely free up the time of 2 employees.

The task of posting bank statements as a whole is typical and relevant for all companies. Implementing a robot on this site provides the customer with immediate benefits: reduced labor costs and free time, as well as protection from errors. In this project, the main difficulties were caused by the features of the ERP system Bonduelle, as well as a wide variety of detailing documents from the paying clients.

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