Bowers & Wilkins PI7 headphones review. True Wireless High-End with dual converters

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  • They look good and are well done

  • Comfort

  • Just a light bass accent and overall balanced pleasure

  • Rechargeable case, also serving as an interface to a PC without Bluetooth

  • Good control and confidence


  • For some quietly recorded songs, the volume limit may be noticeable

  • Some may lack tone corrections

The English brand Bowers & Wilkins has the rightfully deserved status of a legendary manufacturer, their speakers are often among the models that have been talked about for many years and that determine current trends in hi-fi. This is a very decent performance for a company that offers no exotic high-end creations, but rational and generally acceptable products. In recent years, however, B&W has also focused on headphones, from the classic high-end to in-ear true wireless models.

At the very top of the range is the active PI7 model, fully wireless in-ear headphones, equipped with noise suppression technology and an elegant rechargeable case.

Appearance and construction

PI7 are available in gray / gold or white / gold color scheme, they are among the slightly larger headphones, but they still fit perfectly in the ear canal (thanks to a wide range of terminals), they sit in the earlobe area thanks to a pleasantly shaped body made of valuable material. Only a gold round tip with touch pads protrudes from the ear for quick control.

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On the body of the headphones you will find elegantly recessed holes for microphones, which are of course used both for calls and for capturing the surrounding noise, which the headphones then filter using adaptive noise cancelling. The degree of adaptation is very good, except for really sharp gusts of traffic, everything is dampened as if behind a thick wall.

The case is also worth mentioning – it works not only as a rechargeable one (so the standard four-hour endurance lasts almost all of your listening thanks to recharging), but also as a retransmission station. In other words – you connect the case via USB to your computer and it works as an external audio device that transmits the sent signal to the headphones. It’s a great solution for anyone who can’t need to connect headphones to a computer directly via Bluetooth. You can charge the case itself via USB-C and wirelessly.

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Technically, the PI7 builds on a pair of drivers – one is the classic “tube” Balanced Armature tweeter, the other is a more classic woofer with a diameter of 9.2 mm. The manufacturer doesn’t really say anything else, but that’s perfectly common in this segment.

However, you will learn about Bluetooth 5.0 support with aptX Adaptive and aptX HD technology (and all the important codecs and profiles), as well as the frequency range 10 – 20,000 Hz and total harmonic distortion below 0.3% (1 kHz / 10 mW) .

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It’s also worth discussing the accompanying application – you don’t necessarily need it, but it’s worth paying attention to. It’s called Headphones, it’s fast and non-violently clear. After adding headphones, you always just tap, the application will connect and you can set. Firstly, you can see the state of charge of the headphones and the case, then you can turn on noise suppression, or its automatic superstructure (it adjusts the ambient level) or the degree of passage of ambient noise (so that you do not run over the car). You can also manage which devices the headset connects to and, of course, request a firmware update or (de) activate the wear sensor.

The third page in the application is atypical, offering a total of six “ambient sounds” – there is a waterfall, rain behind the window, sunset by the sea, wind in the autumn forest, a campfire and a lush stream in the mountains. You can set the amount of time that a given background sound will play and it’s honestly amazing; you can cut yourself off from the world around you and you don’t even have to be online. From personal experience, we can say that it creates a very pleasant environment for concentration.

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