Brands will be able to promote on Yandex Market using smart advertising campaigns

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Product manufacturers can now launch smart advertising campaigns on Yandex Market. Until now, the service has shown brand ads only to those buyers who viewed similar products on the marketplace. Now campaigns allow you to cover those who are interested in the “Market” goods in related categories. Promotion through smart advertising campaigns allows manufacturers to introduce their brands to as many people as possible and attract new customers from the service’s multi-million audience. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex.

Brands do not need to select keywords to expand the reach of an advertising campaign. “Market” itself determines such words, compares them with the interests of buyers and selects the most suitable target audience.

During testing, smart advertising campaigns showed their effectiveness both among those manufacturers that already trade on the marketplace and are known to customers, and among those brands that have just launched sales on the service and have not yet managed to attract an audience. The number of interactions with products of well-known manufacturers on average doubled in about a month. The share of clicks on products of new brands in the respective categories increased to 6% in the first five days of the campaign alone.

Products that the manufacturer promotes using smart advertising receive priority placement in search and category results, as well as in the product card, and are placed in a separate product carousel. You can set up a smart campaign on the Market in just a few minutes in the manufacturer’s personal account. To do this, you need to select an advertising space on the service, at least three products and sellers who sell them on the marketplace. With smart promotion, the brand pays the Market only for clicks on products, depending on the bid set in the advertising auction.

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