Brazilian Pension Fund Launches Russian Robot Consultant

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The mechanical consultant of Promobot company started working in Brazil, in the non-state pension fund of the company Quanta Previdencia. The new employee will communicate with visitors to the pension fund and answer their questions about the company. Also, promotional materials of the institution will be broadcast on the screen of the robot.

The consultant of the Promobot v.4 model has the following technical characteristics: the robot has movable arms with which it can move and point to any objects. Thermal and photo printers are also built into the structure, with the help of which visitors can print various materials. Promobot speaks 9 languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.

“Now promobots work in 43 countries around the world. Cooperation with the new establishment is a great opportunity for us, as a manufacturing company, to introduce our products to the Brazilian business. Our robot has already been presented at a conference for Brazilian entrepreneurs – this is the first step towards building partnerships,” said the development director of the Promobot company. Oleg Kivokurtsev.

Especially for the project of the Brazilian Quanta Previdencia Foundation, the developers of Promobot created a map of the Quanta Previdencia office for autonomous movement of the robot consultant. In addition, a Portuguese language base on the activities of the organization was developed.

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This is not the first Promobot robot to operate in Brazil. Previously, the company began supplying mechanized consultants to shops in Rio de Janeiro and Patio Paulista shopping centers on the main street of São Paulo.

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