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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+: autonomy in a small bottle

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Sound or, more specifically, high quality sound is the calling card of Cambridge Audio, a British manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in the design and engineering of audio products. One of the latest additions to its catalog are the Melody 1+wireless in-ear headphones that promise to be our best companions.

This is the evolution of the Melomania 1, which we had the opportunity to analyze and which left us with very good feelings. Now it’s time to get into seeing how they have improved an already remarkable model. Here we go.

Melody 1+

Specifications of the Melomania 1+ headphones

  • Headphones: Dimensions 27 x 15mm | Weight: 4.6g each
  • Case: Dimensions 59 x 50 x 22mm | Weight: 37g
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 2
  • Processor: Triple-core Processor Architecture: Dual-core 32-bit processor application subsystem & Qualcomm QCC3026 Single-core 120Mhz Kalimba DSP audio subsystem
  • Codecs: APTX, AAC and SBC
  • IPX5 (Water Splash Resistant (Earbuds & Case))
  • low latency
  • 5.8mm Enhanced Graphene Drivers
  • Battery: 5V, 500 mAh (Up to 50 hours (9 + 41)
  • Microphone: MEMS with cVc™ Noise Cancellation
  • Voice control: Siri and Google Assistant

The first thing we find when opening the box, which maintains the elegant and simple line that we already knew, are the headphones themselves and the charging case. In addition, they include the usual charging cable, and two packs of spare pads, with 3 different sizesso you can find the one that best suits you.

In my case, I prefer the small size (S), but if the ideal one for you is the medium (M) or the large (L), you will also have the option of using an extra type of memory foam pad (memory foam), different from the original silicone, which is only available in these two sizes and which adapts to maintain the shape of the ear canal.

This optimal fit in the ear translates into adequate noise isolation, a very important aspect when enjoying the best possible sound quality. In addition, the headphones are equipped with IPX5 protection against splashes, which makes them waterproof.

However, although it is true that the pads, especially the memory foam ones, adapt perfectly, small ears like mine miss the typical arm or fin that helps the earphone stay in place when we walk down the street. or even if we decide to use them to play sports. When any activity that involves some movement is prolonged, in my experience it is almost inevitable that one of the earphones ends up shooting out.

Something very positive to highlight is the small size of the case, which is light, compact and with a simple but elegant design. Despite this, and as we will discuss later, it gives us 4 charges with up to 36 hours of autonomy in addition to the battery of the headphones.

It is about in-ear headphones with a bullet design and touch control buttons, a decision that, to this day, I do not fully understand. I understand that the fact that the controls are tactile will have to do with the design of the headset itself, but having tried other types of devices, touch controls are really missing. Not for comfort or other more personal preferences, but for the very usability of the device. When you are using them and you have to press one of the buttons, it is a bit difficult to press, as it is not a very stable surface.

The controls are simple, and with them we can manage the volume, track skipping, play or pause, voice commands and calls. What we are used to in this type of device, intuitive. They are also compatible with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri, with which we can use voice commands.

Bluetooth pairing and autonomy

The autonomy offered by the Melomania 1+ is more than remarkable, with up to 9 hours of continuous playback on a single charge (in Low Performance mode), which added to the 4 additional charges provided by the case, we find ourselves before 45 total hours of autonomy. Quite a bit longer than this type of device usually gives us, and that undoubtedly places the Melomania 1+ in a privileged position.

The experience when pairing them with an Android device was easy. It should be noted that when searching for bluetooth devices, two different ones will appear, Melomania 1+ R and Melomania 1+ L (Left Y Right), and only one connected will appear, but both earphones will work perfectly. However, when trying to connect them with another device, also Android, which was already paired with other headphones, the experience was a bit more complex. It was fixed by following the instructions in the app, deleting the previously paired (but not connected) earphones and restarting the bluetooth search (pressing one of the earphones for several seconds until the light flashes blue).

If we want to get the most out of the Melomania 1+, we highly recommend downloading the Cambridge Audio Melomania application, with which we’ll have access to various preset equalizers, depending on the genre we’re listening to or our preferences. You can even create and save your own custom settings.

In addition to being able to select between High or Low Performance mode (which varies the sound experience and, therefore, affects battery life), enable or disable touch controls and even locate them through the app if you have lost.

sound quality of the Melody 1+

Sound quality is, as we mentioned before, the hallmark of Cambridge Audio, and the Melomania 1+ were not going to be less. The earphones feature custom-designed 5.8mm enhanced graphene drivers, a material that translates into excellent dynamic response. It should also be noted that they have noise isolation and low latency.

Once equalized, thanks to the Melomania app, we are faced with headphones with good sound, partly thanks to the noise isolation that we mentioned earlier, but in which perhaps more detail or bass and treble are missing, which provide a cleaner sound. A detail that might go unnoticed, but that the level of Cambridge Audio requires pointing out.

To make calls (because not everything is music for the Melomania1+), they have Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture (cVc) technology, which provides clear sound.

Melomania 1+: conclusions

The Melomania 1+ headphones offer a good balance between sound quality, autonomy and a small and manageable case. With the app, we can also equalize the sound adapting it to our preferences or to the style that we are listening to. They are available in two colors: black and white, and you can find them in the official Cambridge Audio store for a price of €79.95. In addition, accessories such as silicone covers for the case or extra pad packs, both silicone and memory foam, are also available.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+: autonomy comes in a small package 52

Final assessment


The Melomania 1+ headphones offer a good balance between sound quality, autonomy and a small and manageable case

Design and build quality8

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