Chat with yourself in Edgi. Drop allows you to share notes and files between devices

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One Microsoft solution is sometimes not enough. We would count a few ways to transfer content from a mobile phone to a computer and vice versa. It mainly has OneNote and Sticky Notes for notes, and OneDrive cloud storage for files.

Functions for (internal) sharing notes and files however, you may also see an Internet browser from your home stable. Rather, testing is already underway, at the level of early development builds, so you can try the upcoming innovation first-hand in Edgi Canaryif you are lucky.

Distribution seems to be controlled. I have it available in person at Edgi Dev. Neowin was the first to point her out. In similar cases, if the feature does not work, it may not work until the final product release. At the very least, public testing shows where the development team’s ideas are heading.

Quick storage of notes and files

The sharing tool for your own use, not with the world, is called Drop and you will find it under a new button on the toolbar near history, collections, etc. in the meantime, you must activate it first. You use the drop when you want something put aside and the content will then be covered in the near future (and perhaps on another device).

By nature Drop will not be very good for long term backup, as it would not be clear. Basically, this is chat where you leave messages to yourself, no organization is played here. It is connected to OneDrive – you will find the Microsoft Edge Drop Files folder in the root directory of the cloud drive.

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The integration of such a function makes sense in that regard Edge is available for all major computer and mobile platformseven if Microsoft competes a little with itself. I see the potential in the fact that Drop could theoretically be integrated into other applications as well. (The name of the folder contradicts this.)

There is no reason why it could not exist as the application itself. However, we don’t know anything about what Microsoft is up to, so we’ll have to wait for the contours to highlight themselves. Currently, you will only find Drop in Edge development kits on computers.

Sources: Edge Dev 104.0.1271.2 | Neowin

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