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Chrome 96: “One small step ahead, one small step back” … but faster than ever

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How the time flies! Just three weeks ago, Google released the update to Chrome 95 and here is the new version of the browser that rules the world. Chrome 96, the market launch of which is the starting signal for the rest of the family, includes all chromium derivatives that populate the market.

As always, announcing the launch of Chrome 96 does not mean that all browser users have already received this new version, or will receive it immediately. Chrome 96 will be rolling out among its user base in the next few days, as will the news it brings with it. So don’t worry if you don’t see it at the same time.

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Anyway, Chrome 96 doesn’t come up with very noticeable news: a 15 functions in total is that this version implements it and most of the technical improvements are that benefit the overall user experience, but that alone doesn’t say much.

For example, Chrome 96 improves various APIs for developers, including the controversial inactivity detection API, it also improves certain options related to CSS files (which are responsible for website design), improves scrolling performance Creating a “cache for pages that allows immediate navigation to previously visited pages”, better support for playback of DRM content …

This is the general news that Chrome 96 has, but not only that. There are others that the user will notice, least of all, who care about what things like this PNG images going through the clipboard -which are copied in the browser and pasted into another application- and which now keep all their metadata intact.

Other new features Chrome 96 is introducing include the policy to prioritize HTTPS connections and automatically redirect the user when the website has them; as well as advances in the [integración de las aplicaciones web](Web application integration) Implementation of new functionalities that allow developers to take advantage of these powerful features, but don’t expect to notice one or the other: the first is tested and has to be manually extracted from the hidden settings of. the browser is activated and the second is still under construction.

In addition, Google is working on enabling the ability to use Chrome’s dark mode on certain websites via an option in the context menu of. to activate or deactivate Chrome for Android, and in the case of dark mode, we’re not talking about the browser itself, but rather the dark mode that the browser applies to websites, which in turn can only be found in the hidden settings.

And that’s not all, but enough to greet Chrome 96 with open arms … if you’re already a Google browser user. If not, wait a little, because the missing ‘Chromiums’ will appear soon with some of these novelties and many other exclusive characters.

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