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Chromium restores option to delete search engines

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A few weeks ago Google shielded the default search engines in Chromium, a change criticized by many users that the company has ended up backing down. And just as we tell it when it is decided in one direction, we must do it when it happens in the opposite direction.

Long story short, Google decided to shield the default search engines in Chromium, i.e. prevent the user from deleting themin order to prevent it from running out of alternatives, since it is easier to remove something from the middle than to put it back and for the inexperienced user it can be a major problem.

It is true that it is hard to believe that something like this could happen, because if you mess around with what options you should be able to get out of the jam by yourself, but the Chromium developers considered the opposite and applied the change in question, which was effective with the release of Chromium 97 at the end of January.

Beware, the protection of default search engines did not mean, as some of the nonconformists pointed out, that the company wanted to ensure the permanence of the Google engine at all costs, something that they would obviously prefer. The measure prevented delete them, do not change them for others. In fact, you can already imagine that although we talk about Chromium, we also do it in reference to its derivatives.

Thus, the default search engine for Chromium and Chrome is Google, while the one for Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi is Bing, the one for Opera is Google again, the one for Brave is Brave… But if you want to change it for another, it’s easy, because by default They include five other search engines with more options such as Yahoo, DuckduckGo, Wikipedia, Qwant, Startpage… It depends on each browser what it has and what it doesn’t.

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However, in no case is the user prevented from changing the default browser of the browser or the rest of the default options, since we are. In fact, it is common for advanced users to have many more search engines added, even if they are not among the default ones, to use them through keywords or search bars.

Be that as it may, the criticisms to the measure did not wait and Google has ended up rectifying, so from the launch of Chromium 99 that is taking place these days, you will be able to see that the option to delete one of the search engines defaults (one of the defaults, not the one you use by default, that one you have to change before you can remove it) has returned to its place, for example, in Chrome or Brave, which are the fastest update compared to Chromium.

Microsoft Edge and Opera are still waiting to update, although in the case of the former, it will not be necessary to wait much longer; and Vivaldi three quarters of the same, although this browser uses its own interface for managing search engines and was not affected by the change at any time. Of course, we are talking about the rare version of these browsers for PC, on mobile it works differently.

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