Citizens’ electronic communication with the state experienced a big boom last year

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Last year, people aged 16 and over interacted with the authorities via the Internet in 46% of cases. However, this also includes simply searching for information on the web, which was the most common digital activity in relation to the authorities (less than 42% of people did so). In communication with the authorities online 23% of Czechs filled in and sent the form. This is stated by the Czech Statistical Office.

When we focus on public administration as a whole, 63% of people used the internet in dealings with all institutions. Forms were completed and submitted by 48% of individuals. It is about less than double compared to the previous period.

In 2020, the domestic population filled in the forms when communicating with the public administration online and sent them in 27% of cases. In the age category of 16-74 years The Czechia is above the EU-27 average both in terms of online interaction with public administration and in terms of filling out forms online.

It expanded last year Citizen’s portal, although it still offered few features, with the condition gradually improving. The user base is out of 72 thousand expanded to 324 thousand registered accounts. There were 109,000 electronic submissions via the Portal, compared to 28,000 in the previous year.

A total of 1.4 million data boxes were set up at the end of last year, and the number of transactions through them exceeded 121 million last year. About 112 million transactions took place via the Mailboxes a year earlier.

Sources: Information Society in Figures 2022 via CZSO press release

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